University Event Calendar

What is Happening?

The new system will better meet the needs of users to see what major and important events are happening on campus at any time. On October 15, 2014, the university is launching a new event calendar system. 

It will also help departments and university organizations to spread the word about the many important activities and events that happen weekly.

The new event calendar is meant to replace the existing system currently in place at

What's New?

It is mobile-friendly, themed to match the upcoming new web design, and has integrated social sharing capabilities to better promote events.

 screenshot of event calendar website with mobile phone overlay

Screenshot of new event calendar system.


What happens to the old system?

All of the events from the old system will be migrated over to the new system. 

The URL will remain the same and can be accessed at

Event administrators of the old system will be contacted directly with instructions about how the migration will work and how events will be created and managed going forward.

What happens next?

After the launch of the new system we'll want more groups to adopt and take advantage of the system. University Marketing will be making training opportunities available as well as developing integrations with other systems like the Ektron CMS, NAU Mobile App, and MyNAU portal.

The idea is to share the events with as many systems as possible to reach as many audiences as possible. Future developments will consider integrations that would pull events from department calendars so event administrators can maintain a single system.


If you have questions, feel free to contact University Marketing at or 523-9267.