Event Calendar FAQs

Who can post calendar information?

Any Northern Arizona University faculty, staff, or student can submit an event online by selecting  the “Submit Event” button on the lower left menu bar. Events submitted by a designated calendar administrator will be posted directly to the online calendar. All other submissions will be forwarded to a designated administrator for approval before being added to the online calendar. 

All faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to first consult with their department or college calendar administrator for pre-approval before submitting an event.

Who is a calendar administrator? 

Each college or department has a designated calendar administrator.  Administrators maintain the calendar to ensure accuracy and appropriateness of submitted information. 

Do I need administrative permission or approval before submitting an event online? 

Different departments have different submission guidelines; however all events submitted online will need to be approved by a calendar administrator before being posted to the public calendar. To expedite the approval process, it is recommended that individuals and organizations consult with their designated administrator before submitting an event.

The following departments, colleges, and locations have specific submission guidelines:

  • College of Arts and Letters (CAL): Any CAL faculty or student should submit an email request to Lisa Martino no later than one month in advance of the event.  Submissions will be reviewed every Friday.
  • Student Life: Student clubs and organizations need to submit a written application through the Office of Student Life (Student Union, Room 105).  Events that take place at venues on campus, should have a written reservation confirmation from the venue before submitting the application.
  • Cline Library – Assembly Hall: To request use of the Cline Library Assembly Hall for any event, all requests must be submitted online through the Assembly Hall Facts website's "Request Hall Form." Please expect a reservation confirmation within 2 business days of submitting your request through that form. Your event will then be posted to the event calendar by the Assembly Hall calendar administrator. Event requests submitted to the event calendar by anyone other than the Assembly Hall calendar administrator will not be posted and should not be considered an approved request for the Assembly Hall.

For all other colleges and departments, please consult with your designated calendar administrator if you have any questions.

Can I submit an event that does not take place on campus? 

Events do not need to take place on campus, however all events will be reviewed by a calendar administrator before being posted to ensure relevance and consistency with university mission and vision.