Forging a unified identity

Northern Arizona University is committed to building a strong, unified brand through the use of university-wide support services, guidelines, processes, and policies. These governance functions are administered through several cross-university committees and subcommittees, including:

  • University Marketing Committee

    University Marketing Committee: a high-level body that oversees all strategic decisions related to the university’s brand, visual identity, web presence, and positioning.

  • Web Steering Committee

    Web Steering Committee: oversees all major decisions related to web presence management at the university. Oversees the Social Media and Mobile Subcommittees.

  • Social Media Subcommittee

    Social Media Subcommittee: provides oversight and direction related to social media strategy and the use of social media at Northern Arizona University.

  • Mobile Subcommittee

    Mobile Subcommittee: provides oversight and direction related to mobile strategy and the development of mobile applications at Northern Arizona University.