Senior Capstone courses

The Senior Capstone experience is the culminating work in a student’s program.

These courses help students refine essential skills developed throughout their studies at the university.

Capstone experiences will differ depending on the major, and may include:

  • an internship
  • an art show
  • a research paper or project
  • a recital
  • a presentation at a conference
  • student teaching


To develop a Senior Capstone course, your major department must submit a single proposal that defines the capstone experience within the major. You are not required to submit course syllabi.

You must also articulate learning outcomes that demonstrate how and when the student will:

  • demonstrate competency in at least two of the essential skills (critical thinking, effective writing, effective oral communication, scientific reasoning, quantitative reasoning)
  • demonstrate understanding of core concepts within the major, discipline, or program

Courses must be offered at the 400 level, and must be 3 or more credits. However, the 3 credits may be earned through a variety of experiences. For example, a student might complete a 2-credit internship and a 1-credit independent study to fulfill the capstone requirement.


All Senior Capstone proposals should be accompanied by the liberal studies syllabus proposal form and submitted to Stuart Galland.