Student testimonials

"I had the choice to sculpt my mind, and explore new ideas. It wasn't about memorization and bubbling the right letter. Liberal Studies awarded me an opportunity to actually think for myself."
-S. Hall, Class of 2013

 "The liberal studies program provided me with opportunities to broaden my horizons and experiences in a variety of topics that I would not have otherwise had the chance to develop. Through these liberal studies courses I have discovered new talents and passions that have come to shape who I am. "
- Alexis Petrosino, Class of 2013
BA, English

"I took a liberal studies course my fist semester freshman year. It was a wake up call to how college truly is. The course that I took prepared me for all my high level courses."

-L.S-L. Class of 2016

"My liberal studies degrees, Philosophy and English, have prepared me to be a successful person in a dynamic world. Through Philosophy I have been exposed to different conceptions of ethics and have developed important logical analysis and critical thinking skills. Through English I have honed my writing ability and feel confident I will always be able to communicate with others efficiently and effectively. "

-Cynthia Haros