Liberal studies requirements

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You must take 35 credits of liberal studies courses to earn your bachelor’s degree.

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Liberal studies requirements include:

  • 7 credits of foundation requirements
    • 4 credits of English
    • 3 credits of math
  • 28 credits of distribution requirements
    • 7 credits of Science and Applied Science, to include at least one lab science
    • 6 credits of Social and Political Worlds (SPW)
    • 6 credits of Aesthetic and Humanistic Inquiry (AHI)
    • 6 credits of Cultural Understanding (CU)
    • 3 additional credits of any liberal studies distribution course
  • 6-7 credits within your major, broken into:
    • 3-4 credits of Junior-Level Writing
    • 3 credits of a Senior Capstone
  • Note: freshman seminars are an option in fulfilling distribution requirements

Junior-Level Writing requirement

You are required to take one Junior Level Writing course. Courses that satisfy this requirement are designated with a “W” at the end of the course number. These courses engage you in the writing process within the context of a discipline or profession.

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Senior Capstone

You are required to take one Senior Capstone course. These courses are designated with a “C” at the end of the course number. Capstone courses are designed to culminate experiences in your major, and involve application, synthesis, practice, or inquiry.

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You have the opportunity to take an optional 3-credit First Year Seminar.  This seminar may be used in the distribution block to which the topic most appropriately applies.

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