Learning for life

Regardless of your major, liberal studies courses are the foundation of your education. Find your passion, purpose, and potential as you deepen your understanding of the global community and develop wide-ranging skills that will help you succeed academically, professionally, and personally.

Our liberal studies program will help you build and refine essential skills in:

Critical thinking

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Critical thinking includes the skills - particularly as applied to one’s own work - of 1) articulating the meaning of a statement, 2) judging the truth of a statement, keeping in mind possible biases, 3) determining whether a conclusion is warranted by the evidence provided.

Effective writing

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Effective writing conveys information or argues a point of view using organizational structures, supporting materials, and language appropriate for the topic, purpose, and audience.

Effective oral communication

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Effective oral communication influences, informs, and/or connects with others by using organizational structures, supporting materials and delivery skills suitable to the topic, occasion and audience.

Scientific inquiry

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Scientific inquiry includes the skills of: 1) formulating hypotheses on the basis of observations, 2) obtaining and analyzing data to test (i.e., refute or confirm) hypotheses, and 3) explaining phenomena by means of accepted principles, theories or laws.

Quantitative reasoning

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Quantitative reasoning is the application of numerical, visual or symbolic reasoning for the purposes of drawing inferences, understanding phenomena or making predictions.

NAU Learning Outcomes

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Explore the University's Learning Outcomes, and the benefits of completing your education at NAU