Academic Advising Decoded


How advising works for transfer students:

  • Send in transcripts from every institution attended for evaluation by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions & Orientation.  Remember - majors and departments are different from each other and have a variety of procedures in place to assist you.  It is important to know and follow the Advising Checklist by College
  • Your transcripts are reviewed to determine the total number of transfer units and how those units that NAU will accept. Colleges and the Admissions office work in conjunction to determine how your transfer credits will count towards NAU’s requirements.  In some cases, when you begin working with your advisor, you will be asked to provide documentation (syllabus, course description) about the course you took at the previous institution-so advisors can determine if it will count towards any requirements for your major.
  • After your transcripts are evaluated you will have access to your transfer credit report in Louie.  Your advisor will also be listed in your Louie account, but the advising checklist by college is very helpful in case the Louie advisor update takes longer than you expect.
  • This is where it gets challenging for many transfer students. Students need to send in their final transcripts as quickly as possible.  When sending the last transcript, ensure that the course(s) you took has a grade associated with it.   These need to be evaluated before a schedule for your first semester at NAU can be created.  This process may take some time.  Be patient.  The best thing you can do while waiting is to contact your advisor (in your college or Gateway, if undeclared - see below) and provide them with unofficial transcripts to help you build the schedule you need for the upcoming semester.  It will be very helpful to you to be knowledgeable about the progression plans to make sure you stay on track for graduation.  When in doubt, contact your advisor.  You should visit with your advisor early and often to discuss your goals and to make sure you stay on track for graduation.
  • If your advisor is listed as unassigned in Louie, visit the university advising contacts page to contact your department directly to make an appointment.
  • If you have an advising hold, you will not be able to enroll in classes until it is lifted by an advisor.