Admitted Transfer Jacks

Congratulations!  You are in the home stretch…

At this stage, it is very important that you start checking your Northern Arizona University e-mail account frequently—this is how the university will begin to communicate with you.   Items that are high priority have an *asterisk; these must be completed to progress in the enrollment process. 

Your application is in and you have been accepted.  Now what?

  1. Accept my offer
  2. Send in your transcripts for evaluation.  Remember this is a process and it takes about two week or longer.  The sooner you get them in, the easier it will be to process them.   NAU Admission and Orientation has more information on this.
  3. Verify your Citizenship
  4. ALERT* Pay the enrollment deposit—the sooner this step is complete, the faster you will have access to orientation,  advising and university courses.
  5.  Submit immunization records
  6. ALERT* Complete on-line orientation (note: Upon paying your enrollment deposit, you will receive the link for the Online Orientation via your NAU email account. If you do not get the information, please contact NAU admissions.  You cannot move further in the process until this step is complete.  After the on-line orientation, please fill out the Priority Enrollment form to help your advisor and NAU department get to know your academic goals.  This will also help you get the courses you will need for your academic plan.
  7. Advising decoded
  8. Send in your final semester transcript

Only complete the following steps if applicable.

  1. Apply for on-campus housing if you wish to live on campus.
  2. Take the ALEKS Math Placement Test   (The ALEKS test is required for all students who have not earned credit for a college-level math or statistics course or CLEP, AP, or IB, or took a college/university level math or statistics course and earned a “C” or better.)

Done? Pat yourself on the back.

You’re a Lumberjack!!


We also recommend learning how to use the Louie System, videos & tutorials on viewing a transfer credit report, reading a degree progress report, and more, are available. 

For a printable PDF Next steps checklist with URL’s.