Awards & Recognition

While there are many members of the NAU LGBTQIA community who are worthy of recognition, we would like to highlight a few below.

Distinguished Service to the LGBTQIA Community Awards

The following awards are given at the President's annual Diversity Banquet to those who demonstrated distinguished service to the LGBTQIA community.

2015 Recipients:

Student Award: Cassandra Bizon
Faculty Award: Melanie McCuin
Staff Award: Chris Schlarb

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Student Award: Alec Davidson
Faculty Award: Ángel Verdugo
Staff Award: Matthew Tombaugh


Student Award: Nina Porter
Faculty Award: Dr. Joseph Wegwert
Staff Award: Ray Foushee


Student Award: Vanessa Delgado
Faculty Award: Dr. Arianne Burford
Staff Award: Laura Theimer

Ally of the Year Award

The following award is given annually at the Rainbow Convocation to someone who has served as an outstanding ally to the NAU LGBTQIA community.

2015 Recipient:

Georgia Duncan (PFLAG)

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2014: Cher Has No Horse (Coconino County Public Health)

2013: Georgia Totress (NAU Staff)

Commission Leadership

Marian Mead
Vice-Chair (S'2014-Now)

Matthew Tombaugh
Chair (F'2012-Now)

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Ángel Verdugo
Vice-Chair (S'2013-S'2014)

Sriyanthie McCabe
Co-Chair (S'2012-F'2012)

Alexis Baca-Spry
Co-Chair (S'2012-F'2012)

Bill Wilson
Co-Chair (S'2011-S'2012)

Chris Gunn
Co-Chair (F'2010-S'2011)

Laura Theimer
Co-Chair (F'2010-S'2012)