Emergency Textbook Loan Form

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Have you participated in the Emergency Textbook Loan program before? If yes, please provide the most recent semester and year.

Are you a first-generation college student? (This indicates neither parent/guardian received a four-year college degree)?


Detailed statement of need

Please briefly state why you need emergency textbook funds. Include information about the status of your financial aid, any refunds, steps you have taken to secure any textbooks or additional financial support, personal/family financial situation, or other financial resources (Veteran benefits, late arriving scholarships, etc.).

List Books with NAU Bookstore Prices

Terms: If you are chosen for emergency textbook funds:

  • You give the LEADS Center representative permission to review your LOUIE account in relationship to financial need, verify enrollment, and review courses listed on your transcript.
  • The information provided on this form is complete and accurate.
  • I understand that all textbooks purchased on my behalf for this program must be returned on or before the last day of finals.
  • I understand that if I am tardy in returning the textbooks, I may be ineligible to participate in the book loan program in the future semesters.
  • I understand that failure to return the books will result in a HOLD on my registration or accounts for the total value of the book(s) on the date of purchase.
  • I understand that, if approved, I must complete Financial Literacy 101, Paying for College on-line module before my textbooks will be purchased.