Terms and conditions of your card and accounts

JacksCard terms and conditions

Carry your JacksCard at all times. It is required for:

  • residence hall access
  • checking out library materials
  • admission to athletic, cultural, and recreational events and facilities

You are responsible for the care and use of your JacksCard.

Get a JacksCard

To obtain your JacksCard, visit our office in the University Union in building 30, room 115. You must bring a government-issued photo identification such as a:

  • driver's license
  • state identification card
  • passport or military ID

High school identification and community college identification are not accepted as valid forms of identification.

Cardholders are responsible for picking up cards in person. JacksCards are not sent through the mail except to cardholders who are attending an official Extended Campuses site.


For students and affiliates, the ID charge is $25.


Employee status takes precedence over student status for the purpose of issuing JacksCards. Employees who are also taking classes may opt to purchase a Student ID card. Benefit-eligible employees may receive their first card at no charge within 90 days of hire.

Name on your card

In the case of a name change, you must first make the necessary changes with the Registrar before we can reissue a JacksCard with the new name. Names cannot not be abbreviated or otherwise modified by JacksCard personnel. A replacement card due to a name change will cost $12 with the surrender of current, undamaged JacksCard.

ID number

Your ID Number is the seven-digit number printed on the front of your JacksCard, and is your unique identification at Northern Arizona University. We recommend that you keep your ID number to yourself and not share it with anyone. The JacksCard is the property of the NAU JacksCard Office. Any lost or confiscated JacksCards should be returned directly to the JacksCard Office.


A student JacksCard does not expire. If you withdraw from Northern Arizona University and subsequently re-enroll or enroll for non-subsequent semesters, the JacksCard from your previous enrollment may be used.


The JacksCard Office will not provide your personal information to any agency outside of Northern Arizona University without your permission. This includes your name, picture, ID number, card number, balance on your account, or purchases made.


Your JacksCard is the property of Northern Arizona University and is not transferable. It will be confiscated, and the university will take possible disciplinary action if it is misused in any of the following ways:

  • use by a party other than the person identified on the card
  • tampering with or altering the card
  • unauthorized use of your JacksCard

Damaged cards

Please do not punch holes or deface the card beyond its normal everyday use. Cards that have been damaged or defaced will carry a $25 replacement fee.

Lost or stolen cards

Report lost or stolen cards immediately and freeze your accounts by calling us during our regular business hours at 928-523-1905, or emailing JacksCard@nau.edu. If you don't have your card, someone else might. You risk fraudulent use of your card when you leave it active while not in your possession.

You may also get a temporary card for a weekly rate of $5. Temporary cards are available for an unlimited number of times and may be used back to back. They are good for one week and have your Dining and JDE accounts on the card. They also allow you to have access to your residence hall.

Account terms and conditions

Balances left in your JacksDebit Express (JDE) account carry over to the next semester and from year to year for active accounts. Inactive accounts of six months or more forfeit their account balance.

JDE cannot be used for alcohol purchases or tips at the 1899 Bar & Grill, in addition to off-campus locations. 

See terms and conditions for Dining Dollars.

Fraudulent charges to accounts

The JacksCard Office is not responsible for any fraudulent charges or debits made to your JDE account.

Offline readers

Charges to your account may be delayed if a transaction occurs on an offline reader. When the reader goes back online, those charges will post to your JDE account, regardless of a positive or negative balance. In the event of a negative balance, there are no fees and funds should be deposited to resume use.


JDE and Dining Dollars are non-transferable. Only the person pictured on the card will be allowed to spend money from these accounts. The cardholder may be required to sign a receipt for goods received.

Balances are also non-transferable between accounts. JDE funds cannot be transferred to Dining Dollars and vice versa. Accidental deposits made online will be handled on a case-by-case basis, but will typically not be honored.

Balance refunds

Cash cannot be withdrawn from your JDE account; however, refunds are granted if the balance on the JDE account is $25 or more on the date you officially leave the university (by graduating, withdrawing from the university, or terminating employment).

Refunds come in the form of a check and are mailed to the address provided. All refunds must be submitted to our office in person using the JDE Refund Request Form, available in our office.