Account Types

Female student filling out form for Jackscard

The JacksCard Office provides two different accounts for your student ID card: JacksDebit Express and Dining Dollars.

All university IDs with a black magstripe will work for both of these accounts. Read more to learn the differences between the accounts and which options will work best for you.

JacksDebit Express (JDE)

JDE is your key to campus purchases. It’s an account on your ID card that provides a way to prepay for the use of a wide variety of student services, and make purchases without carrying cash.

Guardians can also fund their student’s school-related expenses from home. Unlike Dining Dollars, which are reserved strictly for meal purchases, JDE can be utilized for various purchases on campus.

Why use a JDE account?

JDE is designed specifically for students looking for convenience and security. You’ll use less cash when on campus, and funds placed in the JDE account are spent primarily on purchases related to campus life, so it’s a great budgeting tool.

Best of all, the account is free and easy to use. JDE requires no service charge or fees, and you can add money to your account using Visa, Mastercard, cash, or check.

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are a great way to purchase food tax-free at more than 26 dining outlets on campus.

Dining Dollars provide an easy, convenient method to prepay for meals without needing to leave campus. See Northern Arizona University Dining for more details.

Adding funds to your card

There are many convenient ways to add funds to your card. If you are on campus, you can make a cash deposit in one of our Deposit Station Machines. They are located at the duBois Center, the Health and Learning Center, and the University Union.  You can also add funds in person at our office (located in the University Union, Room #115) or by phone at 928-523-1905, or you can also make a deposit online.

Problems with your account?

If your card will not swipe for JDE or Dining Dollars, or you are unable to login to your account, please call us at 928-523-1905.