Walk-in Center and Drop-Off Service

Available To: Students

If you are having a problem with your computer that is beyond a ResNet setup or configuration, the Student Technology Center offers a walk-in center where you can drop off your computer for repair. Some of the problems that we can attempt to resolve are:

  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Crashing and "Blue Screens"
  • Slow performance
  • Windows/Mac OS re-installations
  • Limited data recovery procedures

We can also perform hardware replacements if you purchase the hardware component and bring it to us. The following is a list of hardware that we are able to replace or upgrade:

  • Hard drives
  • Memory (RAM)
  • CD, DVD, BluRay, floppy drives
  • Laptop keyboards
  • Expansion cards for desktop computers (video card, audio card, etc...)
  • Fans for desktop computers
  • Power supplies for desktop computers

Here is a list of hardware components that we cannot replace or upgrade at this time (we recommend that you contact your manufacturer for assistance):

  • Battery and/or power supply
  • Processor (CPU) and heat sink
  • Motherboard
  • Laptop screen


You must bring your computer to the Student Technology Center for repairs. We are located on south campus in building #61: the South Learning Resource Center.

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The Student Technology Center (STC) provides 24/7 technical phone support as well as in-person support. Call 928-523-9294 for assistance or statewide toll-free at 888-520-7215.