Windows 8 - How to Check Your Operating System Version

You can check your version of Windows 8 by following these step-by-step instructions.

Step 1

Windows 8 System Version 1
Press the Windows key to open the Start screen if you are not already there.  Under "Utilities," right-click "Computer."

Step 2

Windows 8 System Version 2
In the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen, left-click "Properties."

Step 3

Windows 8 System Version 3
You will be taken to the desktop, and the window in the above image will open.  The red boxes indicate the important information.  Steps 4 through 6 will explain what you see here in more detail.

Step 4

Check OS Version Windows 8 1
Under the "Windows edition" header, you will see what edition of Windows you are running.  This is indicated by the red box in the above image.

Step 5

Check OS Version Windows 8 2
Under the "System" header, you will see information about the processor, RAM, and system type.  The first red box in the above image indicates the processor information, including the model number and the speed.  The second box indicates the amount of RAM that is installed.  The third box indicates the system type.  The system type will either be 32-bit or 64-bit.


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