Electronic PeopleSoft Administrative Security System (ePASS)

The ePASS (Electronic PeopleSoft Administrative Security System) is an electronic form within Northern Arizona University’s PeopleSoft LOUIE system that allows for paperless administrative security requests and security revocation.    

An ePASS form is usually initiated by an NAU employee or affiliate requiring administrative access to one of NAU’s PeopleSoft systems (LOUIE, HCM, or PS Financials). An ePASS form can also be initiated by a supervisor (listed as employee's reports to) or data steward on behalf of another user. After the ePASS is initiated it will be routed for the appropriate approvals, notifications will be sent at various points in the process and, when complete, security will be automatically updated within PeopleSoft.

Types of forms:

  • Security Request—Use to add administrative access to a PeopleSoft system (LOUIE, HCM or PS Financials)
  • Security Revocation—Use to revoke access to a PeopleSoft system due to transfer, change in job duties or termination (coming soon)


How to use ePASS

Before initiating an ePASS form

  • Ensure the FERPA training has been completed. A security request form cannot be initiated for an individual who has not completed of the FERPA Exam. 
  • Read the NAU Data Access Policy
  • Find the correct role(s) to be requested or revoked
  • Only one security form can be processed at a time.  However multiple roles can be specified on the form.

To begin log into LOUIE

After logging in, to submit a form for yourself, go to Self Service > ePASS Home Page.  To submit a form on behalf of another person, go to Department Self Service > ePASS Evaluation Home Page.

Note:  Supervisors, in order to initiate a form for an employee you must be listed as the 'Reports To' for their position.  For more information please visit the HR Reports To page.

Employee and affiliate training guides

Employee Initiated Security Request Form
Affiliate Initiated Security Request Form
Employee Initiated Security Revocation Form (coming soon)
Affiliate Initiated Security Revocation Form (coming soon)
A form has been initiated on your behalf - Employee/Affiliate Confirm
Employee/Affiliate View
Update or Withdraw a Recycled Form

Supervisory and data steward training guides

Initiate a Security Request on behalf of an Employee or Affiliate
Initiated Security Revocation Form on behalf of an Employee or Affiliate (coming soon)
Supervisor/Sponsor Evaluate and Approve
Data Steward Evaluate and Approve
Approver View
Update or Withdraw a Recycled Form

At this time the ePASS security revoke form is not available. In order to revoke security for an employee or an affiliate an email with instructions from the supervisor, stating the employee/affiliates name, user ID, and reason for revoke should be sent to CMT-L@lists.nau.edu or an SOS ticket can be submitted to CMT.

If you have questions or problems please contact the Information Technology Service's Solution Center by phone at 523-1511 or (statewide) 888/520-7215.  You may also email the Solution Center at ask-its@nau.edu.


Training & Documentation

Introduction and overview of NAU data access policy and LOUIE security