Cellular & Mobile Phone Vendor Contacts

Vendor Contacts for State Contract Plans or Discounted Employee Purchase

Vendor Contact Information Discount

Email: Ben Hand, Government Accounts and all NAU Employees 
Mobile:  928-699-5777 

15% discount
AT & T

AT & T Store: 928-779-4210
NAU Ordering Website 
Email: Sherri Guidone

15% discount
(Discount FAN: 2410225) 



(Discount FAN: 3636548)


Sprint Store 
Click: Sprint NAU Discount Program
Visit: a local Sprint store Sprint Store Locator
Phone: 866-639-8354

Faculty/Employee/Staff save18% off monthly service plan.
Existing customers visit www.sprint.com/verify
to register for discount.
Employee discount code: GAUNV_GAU_ZZZ

Students save 10% off monthly service plan.
Existing customers scan/fax eligibility form (sprint_form)
to register for discount.
Student discount code: GSTDT_ZST

T-Mobile Discounts Site for NAU Employees
Toll-Free: 1-866-464-8662

Dan Weimer—Employee Discounts:

Dave Bealer—Government Accounts:
or call 602-330-1467

15% monthly discount
Discount applies to EVERY line on your account!
Periodical Device/Accessory promotions
Free Shipping on New Activations
No Activation Fees and No Rate Plan Contracts!

(Corporate node: 12216242)
(Promo code: 9947TMOFAV)
Visit www.t-mobile.com/corpdiscount to add discount to existing T-Mobile account


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Cellular and Mobile device services available to faculty and staff.
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ITS-provided telephone services for the university.


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    This policy addresses options for Faculty and Staff whose job requires them to use a cell phone for NAU business.