Cellular & Mobile Phone Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers about the NAU Cell Phone Policy

  1. Which mobile/smart devices are supported by ITS?
    The list of supported devices changes often, as new models become available and tested. Check the ITS Mobile Device Support Policy Page for the most recent list of supported devices.
  2. Why should I consider purchasing a mobile device that is supported by ITS?
    Purchasing a supported device ensures that ITS will be able to assist you with phone-related questions. Only supported devices are allowed to synchronize with your IRIS email and calendaring.
  3. I am concerned about eligible individuals having to buy equipment (cell phones) for the University business. I don't know of any business that expects someone to use their personal equipment for the business.
    Given the increased usage of electronic devices for both personal and business use, more employers, including universities, are moving to this type of allowance or subsidy model. The impracticality of separating these calls on two phones, keeping logs of all calls for the purpose of complying with tax laws, led NAU to look at other methods of dealing with the electronic device issues. If you are required to have a phone for your work, but do not have a personal cell phone, you should discuss with your supervisor whether this job requirement can be appropriately met under section 5.2, University provided-cell phones.
  4. Is this monthly allowance the amount to be paid regardless of the actual plan amount? If the allowance exceeds the employee’s plan amount, what is the recommended level of allowance?
    Supervisors should assess which functions and level of plan minutes best meets the requirements of the position and is closest to the average business use. Allowance amounts were determined in consideration that usage will vary from month to month and that some employees who do not currently pay for service will now have to make this purchase, and then be taxed on the allowance amount. This allowance is intended to reimburse the employee for the average business use of the cell phone, not the entire phone bill.
  5. How were the amounts for the cell phone allowances determined?
    The amounts listed in the table are based on current standard phone and service pricing for the listed plans as of spring 2011. Standard pricing for service and phones will be reviewed periodically and adjusted to reflect any significant price changes.
  6. Would an early upgrade prior to two years, but in accordance with the cell plan agreement, be acceptable since some companies offer this incentive at about the 18-month mark.
    No. Cell phones can last for several years with proper care. Even though companies may offer incentives at 18 months because they want to sell you another phone, reimbursing sooner than as indicated by policy is not allowable.
  7. When is this policy effective?
    It is in effect as of July 1, 2011.
  8. Will this cell phone number be published?
    You are required to provide the phone number to your supervisor and others as he⁄she deems appropriate within five days of signing this form or activation, whichever is later. Your supervisor will determine whether or not your cell phone should be listed in LOUIE using the phone type "business cell phone ". The employee will be responsible for updating their phone numbers in LOUIE if required. This number is not published anywhere at this time.
  9. What forms are required to participate in the program?
    If you are applying for a cell phone allowance, you will need to submit a Cell Phone Allowance/Purchase Agreement form to Human Resources.
    If you are applying for a university provided phone, you will need to submit a "University -Provided Cell Phone Request "  form to your supervisor and vice president.
  10. Why can't I use my NAU Purchasing card for vendors not listed on state contract?
    The state contract vendors do not require you to sign a contract, you may cancel your
    service at any time. Other vendors require you to sign a one year or greater contract. Purchasing is the only department with signature authority for contracts. If you want to use a vendor not under state contract you must coordinate the contract through NAU Purchasing department.
  11. Will each phone bill be charged individually on the purchasing card or in one lump sum for all phones on a purchasing card?
    That will be up to the department they can be billed on individual purchasing cards or on one purchasing card for all the phones.
  12. Can phones and equipment be ordered on line with purchasing card?
    You can but, the discount will not apply. Equipment will need to be ordered with your account rep.
  13. On the Allowance plan if they go over their minutes will they get reimbursed?
    No, You might want to review your calling plan for NAU business if more minutes are needed.
  14. Who is to determine what calling plan we should have?
    Your supervisor.
  15. On the allowance can an employee use any vendor even if they are not on state contract?
    Yes, that is for their own personal use and they can sign their own contract.
  16. What is Roaming?
    When you travel outside your home service area with your cellular phone, you're "roaming." You can tell when you are roaming; because your phone's "roam" indicator will come on.
  17. How do I set up my Verizon Voice Mail?
    The Verizon Usage page gives complete instructions to access you voice mail.
  18. The rates that include texting are higher than appropriate for the normal business phone use in my position (or my employee's position). Do we have to choose that higher rate?
    No. Generally texting is not a required aspect of one's job and therefore the rate chosen should be evaluated on the overall business usage and is intended to reimburse an employee for the average business usage of their personal cell phone, not to pay the entire bill. Incidental texting for work purposes, when phone calls are an option, should not be a criteria that elevates this reimbursement to a higher level. Enrollment in the NAU text alert system is not a job requirement for most employees, but we do encourage students and employees to sign up for the NAU text alert, whether or not they receive reimbursement for cell phone at all, or a level that includes texting. However, by policy, any employee who does have the text level of reimbursement, must be enrolled in the NAU text alert.
  19. Will the funds for repayment by employees who receive a purchase reimbursement (policy section B. 2. b.) and depart the university within a year of hire be automatically deducted from their paychecks?
    No, this action requires the responsible department to notify the HR/payroll department by e-mail of the amount that must be collected as soon as possible, so that we may reduce the employees final pay by the appropriate amount.


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