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Looking to develop yourself? Ready to take your skills to the next level in 2015? In the Supervisors Academy and have elective classes to complete?

All classes listed below are open to all benefit-eligible employees! You must register for your seat in the classes below through LOUIE.  The course number is included for an easier search in the LOUIE system.

Interviewing from your Gut: facilitated by the Human Resources Employment & Compensation team (HR339)

How do you make the best hire for your open position? There are many pieces to the employment process and interviewing is one of the most critical. This class is designed for those employees who are involved in the interviewing and hiring of benefit-eligible staff. This class explores interviewing skills that help you find the best candidate for the job.  Also covered in this class are best practices on how to matrix candidates and getting the most out of reference checks.

Employment Process Overview: facilitated by the Human Resources Employment & Compensation team (HR348)

This session is designed for those employees who are involved in hiring benefit eligible staff:  selection committees, processing requisitions and administering ePARs and other post hiring processes like background checks and Hire Xpress. It’s intended to be a brief review of current hiring processes, changes to the process, ways to streamline the process and the resources available for help.  A question/answer time will be provided at the end of the session.

Compensation at NAU: facilitated by the Human Resources Employment & Compensation team (HR909)

This session is designed to discuss the staff compensation philosophy and structure at NAU. Topics include: establishing salaries – posting ranges and reclassifications, market analysis, internal equity, and compensation programs and processes such as workforce planning, performance based increases, and special assignments. 

Payroll: What you need to know: facilitated by the Human Resources Payroll team (HR350)

This course is designed for supervisors and will cover all the “need to know” about payroll.  This includes topics such as Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) law, timesheet responsibilities, overtime/comp time, vacation and sick pay, eROA responsibilities, and ePAR responsibilities. 

Managing Leaves: facilitated by the Human Resources Benefits team (HR304)

This course is designed to help you navigate the world of leave management.  This course defines the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)- the various types of leave under the policy and your responsibility as a supervisor.  We will discuss the “to do” and “not to do” in your role as a supervisor and will also explore Extended leave (both personal and medical).  The course will also explain how the new eROA process helps accounting for time off during leave.  

Communicating Performance Expectations: co-facilitated by Cassie Petit, Learning & Development Manager, Human Resources and Cindy Chilcoat, Director, Human Resources Programs (HR342)

One of most common reasons we don’t get the results we expect? Communication! This session is designed to provide useful tools in communicating performance expectations.  Whether you have a new employee to on-board, a new project with roles and responsibilities to communicate or just want to learn more, join us! In this class we will discuss best practices and how to use the performance appraisal to help you in your communication. 

Holding Employees Accountable: facilitated by the Human Resources Employee Relations team (HR313)

This class is designed to address some of the challenges that occur after changes in behavior or performance have been requested: deciding how to fairly define and monitor if performance has improved, how to respond when improved performance then begins to slide again, knowing when to escalate the progressive discipline, and other gray areas in this realm of supervision.

Documentation for Supervisors: facilitated by the Human Resources Employee Relations team (HR303)

Learn the types of things that supervisors should be documenting, how and when to start, and the best practices to avoid any legal pitfalls.

Affirmative Action: facilitated Priscilla Mills (Director) and Pamela Heinonen (Associate Director), the Office of Affirmative Action (HR347)

The Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity (AA/EO) ensures the university is meeting its obligations regarding: Affirmative Action in employment, equal opportunity, non-discrimination and harassment, and accessibility and reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities. The office also is responsible for the training and enforcement of the Title IX sexual assault and relationship violence policies. This class is designed to give employees a better understanding of their rights and responsibilities in these areas. This class will also cover the many resources available to staff and faculty. 

Guest Service: facilitated by Cassie Petit, Learning & Development Manager, Human Resources (HR214)

How is guest service defined to you? What does that mean and look like at work? This session is designed for any employee who wants to explore the basics of guest service.  In this session participants will learn the “why” behind the importance of guest service as well as practical skills to put into practice immediately. 

Leadership lessons from The Walking Dead: facilitated by Cassie Petit, Learning & Development Manager, Human Resources (HR341)

After 5 seasons (okay, technically 4 1/2 until February) there are several lessons to be learned from the popular show.  This class explores 8 key leadership lessons from The Walking Dead.  Come find out what they are, why they are important, and how to apply them. 

The Art of Delegation: facilitated by Dr. Wanda Costen, Associate Professor & Executive Director, School of Hotel & Restaurant Management (HR340)

This session is designed for managers to learn about delegation. This class will discuss why it is important, how to do it, and what to delegate.  This class teaches the skills necessary for delegation and allows a safe classroom environment for participants to practice those skills. 

Deeper Dive into the DiSC Profile: facilitated by Cassie Petit, Learning & Development Manager (HR343)            

This session takes the information from the basic DiSC profile overview and explores topics such as conflict and appreciation.  This class is for employees that have taken the DiSC personality profile and are ready to learn new ways of using it! **Please bring your profile with you to this class**

Managing Progress Despite Conflict: facilitated by Dr. Laura Huenneke, Provost (HR345)

This session, facilitated by Dr. Laura Huenneke, is designed to address the challenges we face in leadership. ‘How do I continue to move myself, my team, and my department forward despite conflict?’  In this session Dr. Huenneke shares personal insights and allows for practice with a variety of scenarios. 

Recognition: facilitated by Cassie Petit, Learning & Development Manager, Human Resources (HR353)

Why is recognition so important? How often do you recognize your employees? There are many different ways to show appreciation for those who work with and for you.  Come learn the various “languages” of recognition and how to become fluent (or at least aware) of them.

Using ITS services to be More Productive: facilitated by the ITS Learning & Professional Development team (HR344)

More than ever supervisors are being ask to do more with less. Come learn how Information Technology Services (ITS) can help you leverage technology to increase your productivity. 

Leadership & Ethics: facilitated by John-Robert Cauvin, MBA-h Program Director & Executive in Residence, W.A. Franke College of Business (HR346)

This course is designed to take a look at business ethics and personal work ethics. 

What does it mean to be ethical?

Is “legal” and “ethical” always the same thing? How does this topic affect you as a leader? This course is designed around examples from both the private and public sector and encourages participants to examine their own behavior. 

Managing Stress and Enhancing Psychological Resiliency: facilitated by Stan Clark, EdD, EAW Psychologist (HR349)

 Stress can devastate our health, happiness, and ability to function or enhance our resiliency depending upon how we deal with it. In this workshop participants will have an opportunity to learn tips and practice a few strategies and for managing stress and boosting personal resilience.


Stanley R. Clark, Ed.D. has worked in a variety of behavioral health settings including hospitals, community mental health centers, private practice, and a university employee assistance program. He has provided consultation and training to businesses, governmental agencies, and academic settings for over 30 years and professional counseling services for over 34 years. He currently works as a licensed psychologist at the NAU Office of Employee Assistance and Wellness.


Managing Meetings: facilitated by Dr. Laura Huenneke, Provost (HR351)

There are only so many hours in a day…how many of them do we spend in a meeting? What about productive meetings? For those of you that run/manage meetings, how effective are they? This course will provide useful tools to effectively manage a meeting and get results

LEAN, Process Improvement; facilitated by Lacy Holt, Coordinator of Training and Development, Extended Campuses & Gina Vance, Assistant Vice President, Extended Campuses (HR352)

With greater calls for accountability and efficiency in higher education the need for people to become better, faster, and more effective is more apparent than ever before. Join us to discover ways to incorporate and apply Lean, continuous improvement, and operational excellence in your personal and professional environment, immediately.






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