Extended Leave

You may request and extended leave absence to take time away from work that is not covered under the Family Medical Leave policy

Leave for medical reasons

If you request an extended leave of absence for medical reasons you must provide a physician’s statement specifying the purpose and duration of the extended leave.

  • Further requests may be made in increments of up to three months with the same medical certification up to the one-year limit. 
  • You may be required to submit subsequent certifications after a leave is approved but not more frequently than every 30 calendar days.
Leave for personal reasons

If you request an extended leave of absence for personal reasons, you will need to provide your department an adequate explanation of the reason.

  • Some reasons include: family emergency, job related education or temporary relocation of spouse/partner. 
  • Approval will depend upon the circumstances, critical nature of the employee’s position as well as the practicality of replacing the employee. 


An extended leave is available to benefit eligible employees who have worked in a benefit eligible position for more than six months and who intends to return to work at the end of the leave.


You could be granted leave up to a 12-month period as long as the time away from work does not exceed the number of days actively at work the prior year. In no instance will combined sick leave, family medical leave of absence, extended leave of absence or any combination of paid or unpaid leaves be for more than 12 months.

Requesting an extended leave of absence

Whenever possible you should request an extended leave of absence at least 30 days in advance. 

  1. Request Documents - Contact Human Resources to receive the necessary documents.
  2. Leave of Absence Request - Complete the 'Leave of Absence Request' form and submit to your department. Your department will acknowledge your request for leave by signing the forms and and forwarding the form to Human Resources.
  3. Medical Certification - For an extended leave for medical reasons you will need to submit a'Certification of Health Care Provider' form to Human Resources by the date requested.
  4. Leave Determination - An extended leave for personal reasons will be approved by the department level and an extended leave for medical reasons will be approved by Human Resources upon the receipt of the 'Certification of Health Care Provider'.

Paid vs unpaid status

In order to receive pay during extended leave you must use accrued Leave .
  • Medical: you may use sick leave, vacation or compensatory time..  
  • Personal: you may use vacation or compensatory time.

comparison of paid vs unpaid status

Paid status 

  • You must use accrued sick leave, vacation or compensatory time to be paid during your leave.
  • You must submit the required Request of Absence (ROA) forms each pay period. If you are unable to submit the required ROA(s), your supervisor should submit the ROA(s) on your behalf.  
  • Benefit contributions at the employee rate will continue to be deducted while you are on leave.

Unpaid status 

  • If you do not have accrued leave you will be unpaid during your leave. 
  • You will be required to make personal payments for both the employee and employer of the cost of your benefits. 
  • Failure to make the required payments will result in termination of your benefits

Effect on Benefits

The effective an extended leave on your benefits depends on if your are on paid or unpaid status.

 Paid StatusUnpaid Status
Health, Life and STDCoverage and payroll deductions continueCoverage can only continue if you make personal payments for the employee and employer cost of benefits 
Leave accrualsYou will continue to accrue vacation and sick leave based on the eligible earnings you are paid during your leaveNo vacation or sick leave will  accrue
RetirementService credit continueService credit due not continue but resume upon return
Continuous serviceIncluded provided you return at the end of your approved leaveIncluded provided you return at the end of your approved leave
Educational aidEligibility continuesEligibility continues