Compassionate Transfer of LEave

Compassionate Transfer of Leave allows eligible employees who have exhausted all forms of paid leave to supplement their lost wages (or supplement short-term disability) using vacation leave transferred by another university employee.

Employees eligible to participate in this transfer of leave are regular, classified, professional and administrative employees who accrue vacation.

Other conditions
  • An illness/injury is considered catastrophic for an employee or a covered family if it is:
  • A serious or life-threatening injury or illness that is expected to last for a period of at least 45 consecutive calendar days and the employee is not able to work in any capacity for at least this period; and
  • Is a non-work related illness; and
  • Is confirmed in writing by the employee’s medical provider, subject to reconfirmation by a medical provider chosen by the university. 

Donating vacation hours

Transfers of leave are voluntary, and no employee may be coerced, threatened, or intimidated into transferring leave hours under this policy. You must retain a minimum balance of 80 vacation hours after the transfer of leave hours.

  • Complete a Compassionate Transfer of Leave Donor Form
  • Submit the form to Human Resources
  • Human Resources will verify that you are eligible to donate leave to the CTL pool.
    • If approved, the amount of donated leave will be removed from your leave balance and transferred to the CLT pool.
    • If denied you will be sent a notice containing the reason for the denial. 

Employee Receiving Leave

To be eligible to receive CTL you must:
  • Have been in an benefit eligible position for more one year of continuous service
  • Be on an approved medical leave expected to last more than 45 days
  • Have exhausted all forms of paid leave 
Refer to the Compassionate Transfer of Leave Policy for all of the requirement to receive CTL.


Approval of your CTL request is dependent on sufficient leave hours being available in the CTL pool.

  • Complete the ‘Request for Compassionate Transfer of Leave’ form and submit the form to your department for approval
  • Department submits the form to Human Resources
    • If approved, you will be notified of the amount of CTL leave you have been approved to use.
    • If denied, you will be sent a notice containing the reason for the denial. 
  • Human Resources will submit a 'Leave Accrual Adjustment' form to payroll.