Retirement Health Plans

New Retirees

New retirees may continue health coverage through either the Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA) or the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS). If you wish to continue coverage through Northern Arizona University’s Blue Cross Blue Shield plan, you will need to enroll through ADOA. To be eligible for the health insurance coverage, retirees must apply to receive income from a recognized State of Arizona program at retirement.

ADOA coverage

You must enroll in at least medical and/or dental coverage through ADOA in order to retain the right to enroll in any ADOA medical, dental or vision plan in the future.  The same stipulation does not hold for the ASRS plans.


A retiring employee whose spouse continues employment with the university in a benefit-eligible position may continue health coverage as a dependent on the spouse’s active employee coverage.  Before retiring, notify Human Resources to process the change in coverage.   

Medicare part B

Retirees and/or dependents must enroll in Medicare Part B at retirement, if eligible, in order to receive the Medicare rate for any ADOA health plan.
Investigate how your group health insurance works with Medicare

Other health care options

Retirees may also obtain health coverage outside of ADOA or ASRS by enrolling in a:

  • A medicare part C plan
  • A medicare supplement plan
  • An individual plan
  • A plan through a health exchange

Transitioning from a Northern Arizona University group health plan to an individual plan at or after retirement must be considered carefully.  Make sure your new coverage is in effect before terminating any retiree group health coverage.