The Honors College Writing Center

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The Honors Writing Center provides one-on-one assistance to any Honors student for an assignment in any class, a project, a presentation, or any academic/personal writing need.  Tutors are Honors students who have been trained to offer help and insight on a variety of writing issues.  Skilled in a broad range of services, the tutors can focus on formulating a thesis, incorporating supporting evidence, strengthening topic sentences, moving from passive to active voice, organizing research, structuring a conclusion, brainstorming ideas, and more.  All Honors students are encouraged to come in for feedback at any stage in their writing process.

Making an appointment 

Send us an e-mail at  Please try to suggest two possible meeting times during our scheduled hours, and try to give us 24 hours advance notice.  We will respond quickly!

Meet the Tutors

Bailey Erwin

Bailey is a sophomore at NAU this year. She studies English and Spanish, and plans to pursue education. She is from Tempe, Arizona, but she spent many summers in Flagstaff during her younger years, and loves the atmosphere. She has an affinity for words, dogs, enthusiasm, semicolons, and all things sweet (especially cookies). Her knowledge of SpongeBob trivia and bargain-shopping will surprise and amaze you!

Emily Haworth

Emily Haworth is a junior studying Environmental and Sustainability Studies with an emphasis in Global Sustainability, and a minor in Biology, though she is frequently mistaken for "one of those English major-ers." She prefers to go by her official title of “Tutor-Tator,” a Latin term meaning that she is both a tutor and a facilitator for HON 100 classes. When she is not dedicating every hour of her day to other Honors students, Emily enjoys spending her time outside and continuing her research in monarch butterfly conservation. Some of her hobbies include going to estate sales, reading vegan cookbooks, planning road trips, embroidering, and summiting mountains. She pets every dog she walks by, writes mediocre reflections of life, and fully believes in the magic that can come from a Sunday morning spent with coffee and a crossword puzzle. After graduating, Emily aspires to live in a self-sustaining bungalow in Belize and donate all of her income to Green Peace.

Lauren Kalt

Lauren Kalt is a senior in the Honors program with a major in English and minors in Studio Art and French. She was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ, and has the thin desert blood to prove it. She has two dogs back home—a ridiculous corgi named Chief, and a sweet collie named Nonabee. If you ask Lauren for her opinions on the Oxford comma, her eyes will flare up with the passionate fires of her very soul. The same will happen if you attempt to engage in discourse about pronouns (she is super passionate about seeing the English language become as inclusive as possible, and she loves talking about it). That being said, she thinks grammar is cool and she WILL geek out about it to an embarrassing degree if given the opportunity. Other interests include binge watching Netflix shows such as Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black, getting ridiculously excited about the cartoon Steven Universe, mumbling to herself in French, drawing people in public spaces (not creepy at all), and writing creatively. Gosh, does she love writing. Currently, her favorite book is Bellweather Rhapsody. She is an aspiring editor and also hopes to become a published author.

Brooke Langley

Brooke is a junior who is studying Special and General Elementary Education at NAU. She hails from the sunny city of Cave Creek, Arizona, and fled to Flagstaff to escape the heat. She has a mom, dad, younger brother, and two insane yet adorable Jack Russel Terriers that she misses terribly. When she has free time, Brooke enjoys reading everything she can get her hands on. She would gladly live in Bookman’s if given the chance. Brooke also likes listening to music and watching movies and television shows. Her favorite movie is The Princess Bride and her favorite show is Doctor Who. After graduation, Brooke plans to teach special education, but she might travel first. In the meantime, Brooke is really excited to work with Honors students on their writing!

Cezanne Rahner

Cézanne Rahner, typically pronounced SAY-ZON (or Tezvon and Seizen according to local Starbucks Baristas) is a Political Science major who dreams of ruling the nation and replacing the United States Constitution with a copy of Harry Potter. Cézanne hails from Tucson, AZ, and the magnificent New York City, where she spent her time divided between an apartment in Queens and a rural art ranch in the outskirts of Tucson. Her favorite rhetorical device is “synchysis” though she hopes students avoid it in Writing Center appointments for the sake of everyone’s sanity. If people really wants to make Cézanne’s day, they can just stop by the Writing Center to debate various topics such as the true nature of an East Coast bagel, Alexander Hamilton’s love life, or John Snow’s hair in Game of Thrones.

Markie Scheidegger

Markie Scheidegger is a senior receiving a bachelor’s degree in English with minors in Philosophy and Studio Art. While writing is her major chosen path of study, she also has a deep passion for art and painting. She enjoys much of what Flagstaff and Northern Arizona have to offer, including hiking, biking, and great vegetarian food. Yes, she is a vegetarian, but not a vegan like her parents; she could never imagine forgoing extra sharp cheddar cheese or overly sweetened coffee creamer for a not-as-authentic, vegan alternative. One day she hopes to travel to each end of the Earth and write about her experiences abroad. She lives happily here in Flagstaff, Arizona, with her rabbit Thumper. "

Barbara Youngs

Barbara is the Coordinator of the Honors Writing Center and has been involved with NAU Honors for more than ten years. She worked as a writer and editor in the San Francisco Bay Area for 15 years, and has taught on the Navajo reservation (community college and high school) as well as for Honors. Her responsibilities now include keeping the Brain Food jar full. Barbara is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, which probably explains a lot. She and her husband have two sons, one a junior at U of A and the other a freshman at NAU; 19 hens and 2 roosters; and a really big dog. She thinks one of the males in her life a complete goofball, but she declines to specify.