The Honors College Writing Center

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The Honors Writing Center provides one-on-one assistance to any Honors student for an assignment in any class, a project, a presentation, or any academic/personal writing need.  Tutors are Honors students who have been trained to offer help and insight on a variety of writing issues.  Skilled in a broad range of services, the tutors can focus on formulating a thesis, incorporating supporting evidence, strengthening topic sentences, moving from passive to active voice, organizing research, structuring a conclusion, brainstorming ideas, and more.  All Honors students are encouraged to come in for feedback at any stage in their writing process.

Making an appointment 

Send us an e-mail at  Please try to suggest two possible meeting times during our scheduled hours, and try to give us 24 hours advance notice.  We will respond quickly!

Meet the Tutors

Luke Bruggeman

Luke is a loose cannon straight out of Dogtown, West Virginia. He goes by many aliases, including “Uncle Lucky” and “Snaggletooth” and will respond to any creative titles of endearment. Aspiring mystic, musical charlatan, coffee connoisseur, all around cynic, and alpha male, he rides bikes a lot and does artwork, mostly tattoos these days. He’s got a pretty wide-open future as he is averse to long-term planning; however, he does have the aspiration to live homeless for a couple of weeks in San Francisco. Luke studies comparative religion and philosophy and thrives, but strongly doubts the efficacy of institutionalized education. He’s also a pretty good writing tutor and attributes his intelligence to his hair.

RobinLi Uber  

It was a cold, eerie November evening in 2006 when RobinLi first became interested in attending NAU. Her best friend's 11th birthday brought the two girls from their warm, cheery homes in Phoenix to Flagstaff's allegedly haunted Hotel Monte Vista. To this day, she harbors curiosity about the true source of the wraithlike images they encountered that night, a curiosity thinly veiled behind an ever-present aura of skepticism. While spending this past fall in Breda, Netherlands, RobinLi completed her international communication minor and more importantly learned the Dutch word for whipped cream is slagroom. Don't ask RobinLi what she's doing after graduation; she doesn't know. She does know her degree in journalism has been a joy to earn, with her documentary studies emphasis and continual work on the student paper The Lumberjack allowing her, if not forcing her, to interact with some of Flagstaff's finest folks. Of her various areas of involvement at NAU, her favorite is the little yellow room with two windows in the southeast corner of the third floor of the Calderon Learning Community. 

Brittany Erwin

Brittany just returned from her semester abroad at the Universidad Catolica in Montevideo, Uruguay, and is a senior this year. Her majors are History and Spanish, and her emphasis is Latin American Cultural History. She is from Tempe, Arizona, but she spent most of her summers in Flagstaff during her childhood. She enjoys reading, writing, historical research, art, traveling, and playing with her dog. 

Kelsey Hontz

Kelsey is a senior at NAU this year who wishes she could adopt "dinosaur" as her professional job title. However, she thinks that being a Writing Center Tutor is just about as exciting as being a reptilian terror. When not studying Creative Writing, Kelsey can be found hiking around Flagstaff, eating mass quantities of ice cream, and asking strangers if she can pet their dogs. She also has a passionate love for all things grammatical and adores helping students with all things wordy.

Sam Orsulak

Sam Orsulak is a senior here at the delightful institution she fondly refers to as “NAU.” She is currently working toward finishing her undergrad degree in Secondary Education English. When Sam is not reading or dreaming of becoming a world-renowned literature professor, she is instructing English 107 students or watching an exorbitant amount of TED Talks. Her interests know no bounds, as she is a sandwich enthusiast, self-proclaimed Beyoncé expert, and closeted re-reader of Barnes & Noble classics.

Anwyn Tompkins

Anwyn (that's On-Win, like the opposites of Off and Lose) is a senior at NAU, double majoring in Psychology and English Education. Born and raised in Tucson, she fled to The North for the cool greenery and hippy vibes. In her small amounts of free time, she chooses to read, binge watch funny television shows, cuddle her cat, goof off with friends, and pursue various creative ambitions, such as dancing, cooking, and painting. Eventually hoping to become an English teacher, working at the Writing Center is an amazing way for her to hone her skills. She also enjoys long walks on the beach and bubble baths. No, really.

Barbara Youngs

Barbara is the Coordinator of the Honors Writing Center and has been involved with NAU Honors for more than ten years. She worked as a writer and editor in the San Francisco Bay Area for 15 years, and has taught on the Navajo reservation (community college and high school) as well as for Honors.  Her responsibilities now include keeping the Brain Food jar full.  Barbara is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, which probably explains a lot.  She and her husband have two sons, one a junior at U of A and the other a freshman at NAU; 19 hens and 2 roosters; and a really big dog.  She thinks one of the males in her life a complete goofball, but she declines to specify.