University Honors Program Mission

Northern Arizona University's Honors College's Vision Statement: 

To cultivate excellence in tomorrow’s citizens by providing a challenging and deeply rewarding education, marked by an innovative curriculum, dedicated and accomplished faculty, a diverse living and learning community, transformative experiential pathways, and community engagement from the local to the global.    

Our community of scholars values excellence, inquiry, innovation, fellowship, and distinction by promoting:

  • the highest standards of academic integrity and excellence across campus.
  • meaningful, innovative, interdisciplinary connections.
  • leadership, research, community engagement, service learning, creative endeavors, international education, and the exploration of diversity.
  • a stimulating residential environment.
  • the integration of academics, learning communities, mentoring, and extra-curricular learning.

Our graduates are...

LEARNERS who actively strive to discover the unknown and the complex, who collaboratively pursue knowledge, and who apply that knowledge for a greater benefit.

LEADERS who organize, nurture, and empower others with their examples, ideals, and actions.

CITIZENS who reach out, embrace, and invigorate each community in which they participate.

CATALYSTS for positive change who create, develop, and advance innovative solutions to complex problems.

Our University Honors Program students awaken their intellects by fostering and celebrating these traits while they… 

 …PERCEIVE connections, similarities, and differences among themselves, others, and the world.

 CULTIVATE interdisciplinary and cross-cultural endeavors that connect the past, present, and future.

THINK open-mindedly about alternative systems of thought, problems, solutions, and actions.

COMMUNICATE clearly, persuasively, and effectively through discussions, debates, writing, active and informed listening, and creative endeavors.

MENTOR and LEAD others so as to set an example of integrity, industriousness, compassion, and problem solving.

ANALYZE and SYNTHESIZE concepts and data to seek and entertain the best possible thesis, approach, outcome, and conclusion to a problem or issue.

CARE deeply about their chosen disciplines, their peers, and their communities.

UNDERSTAND and RESPECT the diverse values and beliefs of others while being aware of one’s own limitations.

INSTILL trust, fairness, and the highest ethical and intellectual standards in their own thoughts and actions while encouraging others do the same.