How to apply to the Honors Program

Spring 2014 Admission to Honors and beyond

Please note that our application essay prompt has changed for Fall 2014 admission as of September 4, 2013. We apologize for any inconvenience.

ALL student applicants to the Honors Program for Spring 2014 and beyond must submit an on-line Honors Application, a resume or list of activities and accomplishments, AND an Honors Essay of Admission (see unique prompt below).In order to complete the on-line Honors application, you must first have 1) been admitted to NAU and 2) have your NAU user ID and password. Also, please have your essay and resume ready to submit BEFORE clicking the "Apply to Honors on-line" link below. Documents are accepted in .doc, .docx, and .pdf formats ONLY.

Admission to Honors is based on an evaluation of the student from a multitude of perspectives. We do take test scores and HS GPA into consideration for new freshmen (minimum transfer college or current NAU GPA required--see below), but that criteria is not exclusively used to admit to Honors. Our current Honors student class averages 27 on the ACT and 1212 on the Math and Reading portions of the SAT, and a 3.7 HS Core GPA. There is no deadline to apply to Honors, but we strongly encourage submitting application materials prior to March 1 if you would like to live in Cowden Hall (this date allows us to review and process your application for Honors in enough time in advance of Cowden room selection); and May 1 is our priority date to ensure enrollment in our first year Honors seminar. Admission to Honors will continue through the Summer on a space available basis. 


Please respond to essays #1 AND choose EITHER #2 or #3 for consideration of admission into Northern Arizona University’s Honors Program.

The length of your formal essays (minimum 750 words combined) should be no fewer than the following number of words TOTAL: 250 words for essay #1; 500 words for essay #2 or #3. Your essays should be structured like an essay for an academic class. It will be evaluated both on your content and ideas as well as on writing conventions such as thesis, supporting evidence, organization, style, and mechanics. Submit BOTH essays in ONE attached document.

1)      Why do you want to incorporate an Honors curriculum into your undergraduate experience? What motivates your learning, what do you value in your education, and what unique contributions will you make to our community?

2)      It is your fifteen-year high school reunion, and the reunion committee asks you to describe what you have been up to since graduation. Please describe not only your (hypothetical) accomplishments, but also the values and personal characteristics that have helped you become the person who you are.

3)      You have five minutes to speak with the President of the United States about national policy. What policy change would you suggest he/she implement? Why? Explain and provide examples to support.


 Please note: Honors Program admission criteria are verified through the university’s student LOUIE system.

We may request additional information from you to gain a better understanding of you as a student. We'll communicate with you if we need a letter of recommendation from someone familiar with your academic abilities.



Transfer student requirements 

Incoming students to the Honors Program are considered "transfer students" when they are transferring 30 or more semester credit hours into NAU and have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or above. Transfer students must submit an application and essay for consideration. Transfer transcripts MUST be on file at NAU for consideration.

Current student requirements

If you do not meet the criteria for new or transfer admission, you may apply for the Honors Program after completing 12 credit hours of coursework at Northern Arizona University. Current NAU students must submit an application and essay for consideration. The coursework to be considered for admission must count toward liberal studies and/or toward major or minor requirements.

To be eligible for admission, you must have a cumulative Northern Arizona University grade point average of 3.50 or above.


Please have your Honors Essay of Admission (prompt above) and resume ready to submit BEFORE clicking the "Apply to Honors on-line" link below. This link is only accessible to prospective Honors students who have first been admitted to NAU.

Please note that our application essay prompt has changed for Fall 2014 admission as of September 4, 2013. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please be sure to attach BOTH essays as ONE document.
Click link below to submit an application.

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