Housing for Honors Students

 As an Honors student, you can choose to live in a residence hall with students who are also dedicated to the Honors community:

  • interact with faculty in a non-academic setting
  • build communities outside of the traditional class environment
  • carry a classroom discussion back to your residence hall room
  • make connections in your new academic and living environment

Although not required, in your first year, you can live in the Cowden Learning Community; in your second year and beyond, you can live in the Aspen Crossing Learning Community.

Your first year: Cowden Learning Community (newly remodeled)

Cowden 1

The newly remodeled  Cowden Learning Community  is exclusively for freshmen, so living here will give you the chance to connect with other students in their first year. This 24-hour quiet hall houses the University Honors Program offices and two classrooms, so you might not have to leave the building to go to class! Cowden is centrally located, close to the library and just steps away to the University Union and all its wonderful dining options.

24-hour quiet note:  24-hour quiet doesn't mean you can't play music or you have to whisper.  It is really about creating a place where students respect each others' needs for quiet study and sleep.

After your first year: Aspen Crossing second year Honors learning community

Aspen Crossing 1

If you decide to stay on campus after your first year, the University Honors Program has a second year learning community in Aspen Crossing. Centrally located, the Aspen Crossing Learning Community is the university's most recent residence hall featuring suite-style rooms, spacious kitchens, and luxurious lounges and study areas. It offers the same quiet environment as Cowden but is for students in their second year and above. Aspen Crossing also has two in-hall classrooms and is a great place to continue your friendships with your Honors Program classmates.