Cassie Dakan, MA

Cassie Dakan Lecturer
Northern Arizona University
Phone: 928-523-1929

Cassie Dakan joined  the Honors faculty in 2010 and is ready to dive in to the new year.  She has a Masters Degree in Cultural Anthropology from NAU and has worked in non-profit organizations from California to Florida for most of her professional life.  Her Bachelors Degree is in mass communications and journalism, and it has been put to good use by writing for marketing and fund raising.  Cassie enjoys yoga, hiking, reading, swimming, and spending time with friends.  Cassie has recently run summer camps for young kids in archaeology. She wishes the beach were closer and dreams of being fluent in Spanish, being able to really play the guitar, and having a REAL garden growing something she can actually eat, not just sunflowers.  Her fat cat Everest is a good buddy, and she loves to spend time with her grown daughter, a philosopher and world traveler, when she can.