Anne Scott, PhD

Anne Scott Honors Professor of English and Coordinator of Honors Writing and Academic Enhancement Programs
Northern Arizona University
Phone: 928-523-2441

Anne Scott has been affiliated with NAU’s Honors Program for 15(!) years (as teacher, associate director, interim director, freshmen writing coordinator, and coordinator for academic enhancement programs).  Her specialties include medieval literature, multi-ethnic literature, and film.  She has co-edited 3 volumes of interdisciplinary essays on various topics in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period.  Currently Honors Professor, Dr. Scott very much enjoys teaching  and helping to administrate the Honors Program, spending time with her son, Gavin (16 years old), riding her many bicycles (but not all at once), drinking good coffee and watching Alfred Hitchcock thrillers, and collaborating with her husband, Everett Akam (also a teacher in Honors), on projects and classes.