Prevent violence before it starts

Violence has many forms, and regardless of the situation, it is our mission to prevent it from happening.

Learn about the different forms of violence, how to prevent it from happening, and how to ensure a strong, healthy relationship between you and your partner.

Committed to Safety

We are devoted to increasing awareness about sexual assault and relationship violence, and to encouraging healthy relationships through education, advocacy, and special events. We advocate for safe relationships, dating, sexual behaviors, and social behaviors. 

We are committed to creating a safe and peaceful community where all persons are treated with respect, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sex, or sexual orientation. Everyone has a role to play by being an active bystander and ending sexual violence in our community, who are you? Want to learn more? Take the online bystander training 

Watch the PSA and take the pledge today. It's on us to end interpersonal violence. 


Programs and Health Messaging Campaigns 

  • LBD

    Little Black Dress

    A little black dress does not mean yes. Sex without consent is rape. In April, wear a black dress or black attire to show your support. 

  • makeyourmmove

    Make Your Move

    This campaign engages men and women as allies to prevent sexual violence by increasing awareness and education. 

  • webpageTakeStand

    Take a Stand!

    Ever been in a sticky situation? Ever wanted to help a friend? Most of us have and most of us, at some point, have decided not to act. If we decide to take a stand we can prevent bad things from happening – like sexual assault, relationship violence, and alcohol poisoning. We offer training to become more comfortable "taking a stand" in difficult situations. To request training, e-mail us. Additionally, we are looking for peer trainers to help with our Take a Stand program. Download an application and return it to the Health Promotion office in the Health and Learning Center.

  • comupter_tas

    Take A Stand Online Tutorial

    This 35 minute, online bystander tutorial will take you through the steps of how to be an active bystander. Learn how to identity risky situations, different intervention strategies, and how to Take A Stand! Help keep our campus and community safe.  Take the tutorial here