Male and Female Condom

Male Condom

One of the most popular methods of birth control and protection from sexually transmitted infections, a condom slips over the erect male penis PRIOR to vaginal contact. 

 Why use it?

  • Pregnancy prevention
  • Protection from sexually transmitted infections
  • Inexpensive (or free in the Health Promotion office!)
  • Easy to obtain 
  • No prescription or health care appointment needed
  • Many choices of style, color, size, with and without spermicide
  • Can prolong a man’s pleasure and minimize premature ejaculation

Why not?

  • Allergic to latex (check out the polyurethane condoms)
  • If you have problems with the condom breaking, make sure you read How to Put a Condom On Correctly
  • You'll need to use a condom every time 
Where Can I Get One?
You can pick up a FREE male and female condoms from Health Promotion. Just grab one out of the basket! The Campus Pharmacy also offers a variety of condoms for sale, including lambskin condoms. 

How Can I Find the Right Size Condom? 

If you think condoms aren’t for you, you just haven’t found the right one yet. The right fit can improve sensitivity and ensure effectiveness. Try out this easy (and fun) trick to find out which size will work best for you. 

Brainstorm Session: Don't forget to leave a half-inch at the top of the male condom to allow room for semen. Forgetting this important step is the #1 reason why a condom breaks during intercourse. What do you think is another common mistake people make when putting on a condom? 

Female Condom

The female condom is a latex or poly sheath that fits in the vagina.  The end of the sheath positions outside of the vagina.

Why use one?

  • Pregnancy prevention (sperm stays inside the sheath)
  • Protection from sexually transmitted infections
  • No prescription needed
  • No prescription or clinic appointment needed
  • Some women report that the female condom's ring enhances pleasure 
  • Made from polyurethane, so it is OK to use if you have a latex allergy
  • Health Promotion now offers FREE female condoms. Just grab one out of the basket!

Why not?

  • May cause irritation
  • May be cumbersome to insert and remove (it just takes practice!) 
  • More expensive than male condoms: they cost about $4 each. 
If your partner doesn't want to wear a male condom, but you still want protection, the female condom is the way to go! Here are some other ways to persuade a partner to use a condom.