Recycling on Campus

What is Recyclable?

NAU Recycles the same materials as the City of Flagstaff. View this recyclable materials flyer to learn what you can and can't recycle.

2014 Recycling Update

The Union, Castro SBS, Liberal Arts, and the Babbitt Administrative Center are participating in NAU's new Recycling Pilot. If you use these buildings, learn how you can help make the Pilot Project be a success! View the details for the University Union and the details for Castro SBS, Liberal Arts, and the Babbitt Administrative Center.

Recycling Around Campus

Frequently Asked Questions about recycling

Still have questions about what to recycle? You're not alone! Read our FAQ's to learn more.

Tips for recycling on campus

  • Keep it clean—separate wet waste and food waste from recyclables.
  • Look for the recycling symbol on bins.

Residence hall recycling

  • Separate recyclables from trash in the bins provided in your residence hall room.
  • Deposit clean recyclable materials in outdoor recycling dumpsters.
  • Trash needs to be put in the marked "trash" dumpsters located directly outside of the halls. 
  • Instead of buying trash bags, line your bins with used shopping bags.

Administrative and academic building recycling

  • Please put your recyclables in marked recycling bins.
  • Deposit wet wastes and non-recyclable materials in a central waste repository on your floor’s lounge or in bathroom trash containers.
  • Custodial crews collect recyclables from your office or classroom and bag this material for the recycling dumpster.

Recycling signs