Green Fund Committee

The voting committee is compromised of two parts: the student section and the non-students section. The student section of the voting committee has six students in it including the committee chair. Ideally, the six students are representatives of the six colleges on NAU's campus. They must uphold good academic standing in order to apply for the committee.

The non-student section of the voting committee is comprised of three people: one faculty member, one facilities representative, and one administrative representative. The non-student section of the voting committee gives a perspective otherwise not considered. The non-student section can help the student section understand NAU policy when regarding marketing, Human resources, hiring, procurement and how they affect the work of the Green Fund.

David Miller bio pic
David Miller

David is a senior Computer Science student. Born and raised in Phoenix, this desert dweller came to NAU to escape the heat in the beautiful city of Flagstaff. He discovered the Green Fund when he was asked to co-author an Arduino program for the sponsored project "EcoPedal." Beside creating a culture of sustainability, his passions are drumming, song writing, poetry, electronics, mathematics, and camp counseling.

Abrahan Garibay new bio
Abrahan Garibay

Abrahan Garibay is currently a junior at Northern Arizona University majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He is from Mesa, AZ and has lived there all of his life. Being involved in school was always a good advantage for making connections. Abrahan is someone who enjoys meeting new people and getting into good conversations of depth. Living in Flagstaff has helped him grow a stronger basis of Sustainability, as a resident and as an engineer. He enjoys bringing groups together in terms of a sustainable goal, and hopes to continue that role for others in the future. His sustainable passions include solar and wind powered energy which he hopes to see more of on campus. Aside from sustainability, his personal passions also include: guitar, video games, drawing, and competitive swimming.

Anastasia Cheifetz bio
Anastasia Cheifetz

Anastasia is currently a junior pursuing a double major in Environmental Science and German. Anastasia was born and raised in the Phoenix area. She fled the city to pursue her passion at Northern Arizona University in the beautiful Flagstaff. She aspires to make a positive impact on the environment by getting involved in environmental politics on a global level. Next fall she will study and intern abroad in Germany in order to gain a new perspective on conservational issues. Besides her interest in an environmental movement, she enjoys traveling, reading, hiking, and being involved in her community. Anastasia is very enthusiastic about being on the Green Fund Committee and intends to share her aspiration for a greener world with the students and faculty here at NAU.

Karlie Andrews bio
Karlie Andrews

Karlie Andrews is in her senior year at NAU finishing up her Business Marketing and Finance degrees. She plans to backpack through Europe after graduation and come back to NAU to pursue her MBA. Karlie is from Boise, ID and enjoys the beautiful outdoors that both Flagstaff and Boise have to offer. She is passionate about having a positive impact on the environment and hopes to pursue a job focused on environmental sustainability. In her spare time she likes to train for triathlons, hiking, and spending time with friends and family.

Shelby Compton bio
Shelby Compton

Shelby Compton is a senior studying Hospitality Management, Business, and Spanish. While she comes to us from California, she has also lived in North Carolina and Washington, and now considers Flagstaff a home. Her personal interests include travelling, maintaining an active lifestyle, painting, and involvement in her sorority. Her primary area of interest in the realm of sustainability is creating a culture in which everyday people can enact small changes in their lives to make a big impact on our world. She looks forward to involving students of all ages and backgrounds in the quest to improve sustainability on campus.

Sara Leibold bio
Sara Leibold

Sara is a second year graduate student in the Sustainable Communities program. She is a facilitator for the Action Group for Water Advocacy and works with freshman in First Year Seminar classes. She is coming from Alabama where she received her bachelor's degree in international management. While thru hiking the Appalachian Trail her love for wilderness grew and she is passionate about preserving our wild places. Sara looks forward to seeing what NAU students can do to make campus more sustainable.

Avi Henn bio
Avi Henn

Avi Henn was born in a small town on the Mediterranean Sea in northern Israel. Growing up Avi witnessed how uncontrolled industrial growth devastated the environment while providing only little short term economic benefits to the community. Avi soon realized that this was a global phenomenon, and became interested in global environmental and sustainability issues.

Avi graduated with honors from the University of Idaho in 2005 with a double major in Conservation Biology and Conservation Social Science. While pursuing his undergraduate education, Avi held multiple research positions with a variety of federal, state and private organizations. After graduation Avi volunteered with Defenders of Wildlife, a national environmental group, and was soon hired to coordinate and direct the creation of the Conservation Registry, which is an online tracking system for conservation actions. 

In 2010 Avi graduated with a masters degree in Environmental Sciences and Policy at Northern Arizona University, where he created a protocol for evaluating the cumulative effects of multiple river restoration projects. Following his graduation, Avi worked with the Colorado Plateau Cooperative Ecosystem Study Unit, creating a database of river, stream, and riparian restoration projects. In 2012 Avi graduated from another Masters program at NAU titled Climate Sciences and Solutions. During this time he helped lead a number of energy and utility conservation programs campus wide. In January 2013 Avi began working at the Green NAU Energy Initiative as a program coordinator. Avi manages the Sustainable Behaviors program along with working on renewable energy development and waste minimization.   

Sheila Anders bio pic
Sheila Anders

 Sheila Anders is originally from Woods Hole, Massachusetts. She completed her undergraduate studies at San Francisco State University, her first Master's at the University of Paris during a ten-year stint in Europe, and recently completed her second Master's as NAU. She has been active in advocacy for sustainability for over thirty years and co-organized the Greening Government conference held at NAU. She currently serves on the Environmental Caucus Steering Committee and as a board alternate on the Sustainable Economic Development Initiative of Northern Arizona. She currently works as Director of Administrative Services in the Center for International Education.

Michele Ann James bio
Michele Ann James

Michele is a wildlife biologist and graphic designer. She completed her master’s degree at NAU in 2003 in what is now the Sustainable Communities Program, her Bachelor’s in wildlife biology at Colorado State University, and most recently, a post-baccalaureate degree in Visual Communication (graphic design emphasis) at NAU.

Michele is an adjunct professor currently teaching the First Year Seminar “Slam Poetry, Art and Activism.” She previously taught environmental communication at NAU. Michele is a Research Coordinator in the Marks Lab of Aquatic Ecology in the Biology Department. In this position, she focuses on leading the diverse Fossil Creek Stakeholders group, ensuring scientific information is used in management decisions, locating funding and writing grants for specific resource improvement projects at Fossil Creek, and managing the Marks Lab.

Michele is passionate about communicating scientific information to the public in visually effective and exciting means in order to increase understanding of the importance of southwestern ecosystems and the effects humans are having upon them. Michele loves living on the Colorado Plateau and in her spare time enjoys hiking and camping with her family, graphic design, photography, poetry, travelling, and stained glass.

Ellen Vaughan
Ellen Vaughan

Ellen Vaughan studied business and forestry at Virginia Tech before receiving her Masters in Environmental Policy at SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry. She has worked as a Global Warming Field Organizer for Greenpeace in Washington, DC, the Director of Sustainability for the Syracuse Center for Excellence, and Project Coordinator for the Public Counsel of the Rockies in Aspen, CO. She’s now happy as can be as NAU’s Manager of Sustainability.