Carbon neutrality by 2020

Greenhouse gas emissions are contributing to climate change, and the effects of climate change are already visible.

That's why Northern Arizona University's past President Dr. John D. Haeger (2001-2014) pledged to make the university a Carbon Neutral Campus by 2020. The Office of Sustainability directs and coordinates the development and implementation of the university's Climate Action Plan.

    Sustainability Action Plan Revision

    NAU is rewriting our Plan and creating a new, more detailed Sustainability Action Plan. This living document will provide a roadmap for students, faculty, and staff to move towards a more sustainable campus. Contact the Office of Sustainability to get involved in creating the Plan that is changing the way NAU impacts the world. 

    Student Engagement:
    All sections of the Sustainable Action Plan will be executed with consideration of class and student involvement.

    Revised Sections:
    Recycling and Waste Minimization (April, 2014)
    Transportation (June, 2014)
    Water (August, 2014)
    Procurement (October, 2014)
    Operations (December, 2014)

    In Progress:
    Academics and Research. Contact to participate
    Energy and Climate Change. Contact to participate