About Us

Green Fund Org Chart

Office of Sustainability
The Office of Sustainability is the office from which the Green Fund Chair is hired. The Office of Sustainability manages the Green Fund budgeting and accounting information. A representative from the Office of Sustainability sits on the Board of Directors.'
Green Fund Office
The office is a place in which daily operations of the Green Fund take place. Green Fund Committee members are required to be in the office for a minimum of five hours per week. The Green Fund Office is the place in which all office work should take place.
Committee Chair
The Green Fund Committee Chair is responsible for overseeing the operations of the Green Fund, managing approved projects, and leading Green Fund Meetings.
Carbon Accounting Intern
The Carbon Accounting Intern collects data on the Green Fund's measurable impact. This person helps the fund to visually see where we are cutting carbon emissions and creating a more sustainable environment. Duties include calculating Green Fund project's carbon footprint and other project variables that can be used for quantifiable data.
Marketing Intern
The Green Fund Marketing Intern was created in the very beginning of the Green Fund when there were no marketing materials or design elements to promote the $5.00 student fee. The duties of the marketing intern are consist of developing marketing materials for Green Fund use and promoting the work of the fund and its projects through outreach opportunities.
Green Fund History
In March, 2010, NAU students overwhelmingly voted to establish the University's Green  Fund: a $5.00 per student fee that goes towards making our campus more  sustainable. Funded projects would aim to decrease the  University's carbon footprint and contribute to the University's culture of sustainability