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2014 Recycling Update

The Union, Castro SBS, Liberal Arts, and the Babbitt Administrative Center are participating in NAU's new Recycling Pilot. If you use these buildings, learn how you can help make the Pilot Project be a success! View the details for the University Union and the details for Castro SBS, Liberal Arts, and the Babbitt Administrative Center.

Visit our Recycling at NAU's website to learn more about how and what to recycle across campus.

Sustainability-Related positions:


    Green Fund

    Green Fund Committee Member


    The NAU Green Fund promotes student participation in and provides funding for projects that contribute to the University’s culture of sustainability. Projects should, for example, aim to increase the amount of renewable energy used on campus, increase energy and water efficiency in campus operations, or engage and educate the student body on sustainability issues. The NAU Green Fund is supported by student fees and donations. A student-majority review committee and the Office of Sustainability are responsible for management of the fund.


    The Green Fund Committee is primarily responsible for reviewing project applications and determining fund allocation. They are also involved in publicizing and promoting the NAU Green Fund, assessing project effectiveness, and hosting an annual Green Fund Project Symposium. The committee consists of four parts: first; a student Committee Chair who is hired by the Office of Sustainability, second; a student Executive Board all of which have a role they are elected into, third; a faculty/staff Advisory Board, and lastly; the non-voting Green Fund Manager. The entire voting committee is composed of six students (maximum of two graduate students), one faculty member, one administrative staff member, and one Facility Services representative.

    How do I apply?

    Undergraduate and Graduate students of all majors are encouraged to apply. The term of service is one academic year (maximum 2 concurrent terms), and the applicant must be enrolled at NAU for the duration of the term. Fill out the following application and submit via email to the and Anastasia Cheifetz.

    Applications Due by March 31

    If you have an idea for how to help NAU become more sustainable, contact the Office of Sustainability to see if you can turn your idea into an internship!