Program in Intensive English

The Program in Intensive English (PIE) meets the academic needs of NAU international students by providing academic English preparation and support.  PIE teaches the skills that are essential to successful academic performance at the university. Applicants who receive scores between 500-550 may be required to complete the PIE program or another remedial English instruction to ensure success in their graduate program or as a condition of admission.

Read more about PIE program here.

The specific plan for English instruction will be finalized upon arrival at NAU and will include the degree program advisor and the PIE director. A final copy of the plan must be on file in the Graduate College.

Please note that many programs have TOEFL requirements that are higher than the university minimum score of 550. These programs do not allow exceptions to their minimum score requirements. Required TOEFL scores are listed here.

If applicants do not meet the TOEFL requirements as describe in the International Application Process, they must apply as undergraduate students for the PIE program and be admitted to the PIE for intensive English training. Upon successful completion of the PIE program, a TOEFL must be taken and submitted to the Graduate College, code 4006. While enrolled in PIE, students are entitled to all university privileges.
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