Financial Information for International Students

Financial Information

Students must be certain before leaving their home country that sufficient funds are available to meet educational costs and all other costs they may incur during their stay in the United States (this is a United States immigration regulation).

International graduate students are required to pay non-resident tuition and fees.

ESTIMATED COSTS for International Students for the 2016-17 Academic Year

The estimated costs are based on the assumption that the student will live on campus, have a meal plan, and do not bring a spouse or children.  Please note that the dollar amounts presented are average figures only, and your costs may be higher.  Please not that there may be additional program associated costs.  

The amounts are subject to change without notice.

The pledge of financial support must at a minimum cover the expenses listed below. University tuition and fees must be paid at the beginning of each term, unless the student elects to enroll in a tuition payment plan.  Additional costs for a spouse or children accompanying the student are listed below. 









Mandatory Student Fees*$421$421$842









Personal Expenses








Health Insurance***








These figures are subject to change by the Arizona Board of Regents.

Estimated Costs for 2017-18
Mandatory Student Fees*$450$450$900
Meals**$2,082$2,082     $4,164
Personal Expenses$2,000$2,000$4,000
Health Insurance***$822$1,306$2,128
Please note these 2017-18 amounts are only estimates.  These estimated amounts are subject to change by the Arizona Board of Regents without notice.

    * Based on full-time mandatory 9-credit hour registration for fall and spring semesters.
  ** Most popular meal plan - 14 meals per week (based on Campus Dining charges).
*** NAU health insurance is mandatory for all international students (adjusted for students with graduate assistantships).
If family members accompany the enrolled, please add $5,500 for a spouse and $3,500 per child to the total for each academic year.  Please note that additional health insurance will need to be purchased by the student for each additional family member. Please contact the NAU Health Services at Campus Health Services or at (928) 523-2131. 
Additional Expenses for Summer: $5,700
Additional Program Fees: MBA: $7,000; Athletic Training: $1,000 (per semester); Clinical Speech Language Pathology: $40.00 (per credit hour); Physical Therapy: $5,000 (per year); Nursing: $60.00 (per credit hour); Climate Science and Solutions $1,500 (per semester); Master of Administration: $2,500. Other programs may have additional program fees.

Financial Assistance for International Students

It is important to note that financial assistance for international students at NAU is very limited.  Therefore, unless the students has a specific (written) commitment concerning financial support from NAU, no financial assistance is available.
Individual departments award varying forms of financial support.  Graduate assistantships are oriented toward teaching or research and normally require a work commitment of 20 hours per week.  Graduate assistants receive a stipend (salary) and a waiver of the non-resident portion of tuition.
If a student plans to enter NAU in August and wishes to request a graduate assistantship or tuition scholarship waiver, the student should do so prior to March 1 or by the deadline specified by the department, whichever comes first.  Students should request graduate assistantships and tuition scholarship waivers directly from the program in which they are, or intend to be, enrolled.  Full-time enrollment (9 credit hours per semester) is required for all students receiving graduate assistantships and tuition scholarships.  Graduate assistantship deadlines are listed here.