Family Resources for International Students

For additional information about housing, childcare, and healthcare, please visit our Family Resources and Housing page for all students.


Click here for information about childcare options in Flagstaff.
The university's childcare voucher program can assist students with affordable, quality childcare. 



Most graduate students choose to live off campus.   
Reasonably priced off-campus housing in the Flagstaff community is limited and in high demand. It is recommended that you arrive in Flagstaff several weeks before the start of the semester if you plan to find off-campus housing.  
Click here for more information about off-campus housing.


Please note on-campus housing is very limited and in very high demand.

Family apartments may be available for married students or students with children.  These units are very limited and in very high demand.  

For more information or to apply for housing, visit the Residence Life website.

Health Insurance Costs and Requirements

All international students must purchase NAU student health insurance. Exception will be made only for sponsored students who have adequate health insurance provided by the government or a sponsoring agency or for students who parents or spouse have health insurance coverage through U.S. employment.  Private policies are not accepted.
The university has a number of health insurance/healthcare options, including major medical insurance. 
For more information about services available at Campus Health Services, click here.