International Graduate Admissions Requirements

To qualify for admission as a graduate student, students must have a four-year United States bachelor's degree, or its equivalent, and must meet the admission requirements of the academic program to which they apply.

Students should begin the application process six to twelve months prior to expected enrollment to allow time for the exchange of correspondence, evaluation of all required documents, financial matters, visa, and travel arrangements.

Most graduate departments have application deadlines. If the department has no deadline, the application and all supporting documentation are due no later than March 1st for fall admission and October 1st for spring admission. All materials submitted for admission must be complete at least three months before registration.  View application deadlines by program here.

Enrollment Requirements

If you intend to study on NAU's main campus, you must be enrolled for 9 hours of coursework each fall and spring term. Of these 9 hours, 6 hours must be in face-to-face courses and only 3 hours can be online coursework in a term. 

If you intend to enroll in an online program that you will pursue from your home country, the above requirements do not apply.

Program Availability for Students on F-1 or J-1 Visas

Flagstaff Mountain Campus

International students may apply to any master, doctoral, or certificate program at the Flagstaff Mountain Campus, with the exception of the following programs: 

  • Early Childhood Education (Flagstaff Mountain) Master of Education
  • Educational Leadership - Community College/Higher Education (Flagstaff Mountain) Master of Education 
  • Educational Leadership - Educational Foundations (Flagstaff Mountain) Master of Education 
  • Educational Leadership - Principal K-12 (Flagstaff Mountain) Master of Education 
  • Educational Leadership - Instructional Leadership, K-12 School Leadership (Flagstaff Mountain) Master of Education 
  • Elementary Education - Continuing Professional (Flagstaff Mountain) Master of Education
  • Non-Degree Seeking

Please note the special instructions for the following programs at the Flagstaff Mountain campus.  Please contact the following faculty members prior to applying to the program:

  • Master of Education in Human Relations - contact Robert Horn 
  • Master of Education in Bilingual and Multicultural Education - contact Louise Lockard 

 If you are completing either the Human Relations (MEd) or the Bilingual and Multicultural Education (MEd) programs online from your home country, you do not need to contact the departments prior to applying.

Extended Campuses

International students may NOT apply to any Extended Campuses programs, except those listed below for the Yuma Campus:
  • Special Education (Yuma) Master of Education
  • Special Education - Mild/Moderate Disabilities Certified (Yuma) Master of Education
  • Bilingual and Multicultural Education - Bilingual (Yuma) Master of Education
  • Bilingual and Multicultural Education - ESL (Yuma) Master of Education

Online Programs

International students may apply to an online program if they are pursuing the degree from their home country.

Programs NOT available to International Students

The Physician Assistant Program (MPAS), Athletic Training (AT), and the Occupational Therapy Program (OTD) are not available to international graduate students.