Wassaja Scholarship, Recipient

Wassaja Scholarship, Recipient Marvin Jim
Northern Arizona University

’06 BAILS, ’12 MA
Wassaja Scholarship

“When I think of NAU I think of the supportive faculty and the “power of place” that comes from the sacred mountain to the north. I found a sense of belonging and it is a good fit for me. Finding my niche in this world was challenging, and NAU afforded learning opportunities that I once thought were beyond my reach. I now know that learning does not end upon graduation, but rather it is ongoing. Thus, I consider the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation scholarship as a lifetime gift forever impacting my professional development, career path, and self-confidence. I also appreciate their requirement to perform community service. Giving back instills principle and humility. It is a good feeling that there are people out there who believe in me. I am proud to say, that no matter where I go in this life, I will always be a Lumberjack.”