Events and Workshops

Preparing for Health Care Program Workshops 

Join us for premed workshops to help you plan and prepare for health care programs. This is your opportunity to learn about premed requirements, ask questions, and meet other premed students. Also, enter to win a free Kaplan test prep course each time you attend a workshop (a $2,000 value)! 

Location: Gateway Student Success Center
Time: 3:00pm - 4:00pm 

Workshop 1: Career Fair Preparation and Researching Schools -February 13th.

  • Learn more about the premed career fair (Februaruy 19th) and admissions criteria for schools.

Workshop 2: Letters of Recommendation -March 27th.

  • Learn more about letters of recommendation and the Gateway Letter Service.

Workshop 3: Centralized Application Service (CAS) -April 10th. 

  • Learn more about the application services for healthcare programs (MD/DO, PA, PT, etc).