Freshman Outreach Categories

While we would all like to be experts at the following Freshman Outreach categories, they are skills that all of us develop over time. No one expects a new college student to be fully proficient in these areas. Instead, we hope that you will work with support staff to develop strengths and find campus resources that could be helpful to you.

  • Academic Discipline – The amount of effort put into schoolwork.
  • General Determination – The extent to which you strive to follow through on commitments and obligations.
  • Goal Striving – The strength of your efforts to achieve personal objectives and goals.
  • Commitment to College – Your commitment to staying in college and earning a degree.
  • Study Skills – The confidence you have to assess an academic problem, organize a solution, and successfully complete academic assignments.
  • Communication Skills – How attentive you are to others’ feelings and how flesible you are in resolving conflicts.
  • Social Connection – Your feelings of connection and involvement with the college.
  • Social Activity – How comfortable you feel meeting and interacting with other people.
  • Academic Self-Confidence – The self-confidence you have to perform well in school.
  • Emotional Control – How you respond to strong feelings and how those feelings are managed.