Join Our STAR Staff

STAR Staff1.1

Joining our STAR staff is an amazing opportunity for the summer and throughout the school year.  Please navigate the links below to see available positions.

  • STAR3.3

    Peer Advisor

    Peer Advisors have the opportunity to be a mentor and connect with students at an academic level.  Peer Advisors are present during STAR and joins the IMS team in reaching the students throughout the academic year.  Apply today and see if you fit our qualifications.

  • STAR1.1

    Resident Assistant

    Resident Assistants stay in the residence halls with the students and coach the students about campus life and what is available to them.  Apply today and join our STAR team!

  • STAR2.2

    Community Mentor

    The Community Mentor position has the opportunity to assist students during STAR and create a sense of community throughout the academic year.  Be a leader and connect students to resources such as faculty and peers.  Apply today and join our STAR team.