Community Mentor Position

communtiy mentor

The Community Mentor is a student staff member who provides role modeling and leadership during the summer STAR Program and the academic year STAR Residential Learning Community.  Community Mentors assist students participating in both of these programs with their transition to the university and exposure to resources, while connecting them to faculty and peers within their program. 

 Mentor Qualifications:

  • Minimum grade point average of 3.0
  • Juniors, Seniors (by fall 2014) are preferred, but other qualified applicants will be considered
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of the University and program
  • Self-motivation

Summer STAR Program

During the summer STAR program, this position reports to Inclusion and Multicultural Services.  The employment dates are still to be determined.  The Successful Transition and Academic Readiness (STAR) program offers new freshmen an innovative and exciting way to begin their higher education at Northern Arizona University.  For more information, visit:


Programming and Communication (40% of Duties)

  • Coordinate academic programs pertinent to the community (e.g. Time Management, Study Skills).
  • Establish weekly study hours for participants to attend during the program.
  • Assist in forming and encouraging peer study groups for any common courses for program participants.
  • Co-advise Club STAR.
  • Support programmatic goals established by the staff during the summer STAR program.

Community Interaction (35% of Duties)

  • Participate in selected Challenge Course activities with STAR participants.
  • Support and attend identified residential programs
  • Be available for formal and informal interaction with students in the program.
  • Help students become familiar with university resources.
  • Maintain weekly hall hours in Allen Hall.
  • Meet with students identified as being in the STAR Learning Community twice during the summer program.

Administrative Meetings and Paperwork (25% of Duties)

  • Attend in-hall staff meetings on a weekly basis.
  • Attend student staff meetings on a weekly basis.
  • Attend a weekly meeting with the Residence Hall Director and STAR Residential Coordinator.
  • Complete a Weekly Worksheet of the work accomplished on behalf of the community weekly.
  • Complete other administrative paperwork as assigned.

WAGE:  $1400.00 stipend (25 hours of work per week) OR Housing and $800.00 stipend

REQUIRED TRAINING:  Two 4-hour spring 2014 semester trainings/retreats (dates to be determined).   Level 1 Training is REQUIRED for all new mentors.  Training will be conducted in an 8 week evening class. 

Class start date – March 6, 2014.  Level 1 Mentor Certification is available upon completion of training. 

STAR Residential Learning Community

During the 2014-2015 academic year, this position primarily reports to the Office of Housing and Residence Life while working closely with Inclusion and Multicultural Services (IMS).  The Community Mentor assists in developing a residential community conducive to student success.  They do this by encouraging positive behaviors and addressing behaviors that are detrimental to the individual and/or community.  The Community Mentor must support the Office of Housing and Residence Life policies and has a responsibility as a citizen and community member to challenge negative behaviors.  The employment dates for the STAR Residential Learning Community Mentor role are approximately from August 18, 2014 to May 15, 2015 (final date to be determined at a later time).  


Community Interaction:   (50% of Duties)

  • Maintain participant email list and provide information about the learning community to all members on this list.
  • Meet weekly with community members as a group on their floor or wing in the residence hall.
  • Schedule formal and information interactions with students in the RLC.
  • Meet individually with students 2-3 times during the semester.  The first meeting should take place within the first 6 weeks. 
  • Help students become familiar with university resources; advise and refer residents to appropriate university resources, as the need arises.
  • Establish weekly study hours for participants to attend during the fall and spring semesters.
  • Assist in forming and encouraging peer study groups for any common courses for program participants.
  • Continue to co-advise Club STAR during the academic year.

Staff Communication:  (25% of Duties)

  • Attend a weekly staff meeting with your Residence Life supervisor for the RLC program.
  • Attend a one-on-one meeting with your Residence Life supervisor every other week. 
  • Attend a meeting with the Hall Director in whose hall the RLC is assigned every other week.
  • Meet with the RA(s) assigned to your learning community floor a minimum of once a month
  • Attend periodic meetings/trainings with Learning Community staff.
  • Attend periodic meetings/trainings with the Multicultural Student Center.

Program Planning & Communication:  (15% of Duties)

  • Coordinate 1-2 academically or theme-focused programs pertinent to the topic of the RLC each semester. 
  • Coordinate one social activity a month for the program participants.
  • Coordinate leadership-focused programs (e.g. resume writing, information on student leadership positions such as an Orientation Leader or Resident Assistant, workshops on involvement opportunities across campus, information on study abroad opportunities, etc.).
  • Coordinate an informal advising session in conjunction with the Gateway Student Success Center and college advisement personnel in the fall and one in the spring if needed.
  • Coordinate a minimum of one staff dinner per semester for community members and NAU staff. 
  • Support the goals established by the department programmatically during the academic year.

Paperwork:   (10% of Duties)

  • Complete an electronic Weekly Worksheet of the work accomplished on behalf of the community each week.
  • Complete and submit payroll on a bi-weekly basis
  • Complete and submit a Program Proposal Form (including goals for the community) on a regular basis.
  • Complete and submit Purchase Order paperwork when budget requests are made for programmatic efforts.
  • Complete other administrative paperwork as assigned.

Community Interaction (Approximately 50% of Position Duties)

Meeting individually with RLC members monthly (2-3 times per semester)

2-4 hours

Meeting weekly with community members as a group

1.5 hours

Facilitating study groups

1 hour

Staff Communication (Approximately 25% of Position Duties)

Faculty Liaison meeting every other week

1 hour

RHD meeting every other week

1 hour

GA meeting every other week

1 hour

RA meeting once a month

1 hour

Staff Meeting with GA supervisor and other CM’s weekly

1.5 hours

Program Planning (Approximately 15% of Position Duties)

Coordinating academic, social, and transitionally focused events

1-3 hours

Paperwork  (Approximately 10% of Position Duties)

Weekly worksheets, payroll, program proposals, Beacon, etc.

1-2 hours


10-12 hours


WAGE:  $10.00 hour.  Up to 12 hours per week in the fall and 8 hours per week in the spring.  Extracurricular and additional work commitments are limited to 10 hours (maximum) in the fall and 15 hours (maximum) in the spring.  CM will receive $50 in dining dollars during each semester they are employed in the position. 

REQUIRED TRAINING:  (See “training requirements” for the Summer STAR Program position).   

Other Requirements

  • Spring 2014: Complete all payroll paperwork required by Northern Arizona University and background check paperwork required by Housing and Residence Life (not paid).
  • Spring 2014:  Complete the FERPA, Sexual Harassment, Information Security Essentials tutorial, Kognito, My Student Body, Safe Working and Learning Environment training as part of the Mentor Training. (not paid)
  • August 2014: Complete the NAU Conduct, Ethics, Reporting, and Transparency Disclosure within the first 2 weeks of employment (unpaid training)
  • Attend three days of Community Mentor Training tentatively scheduled for August 18-20, 2014 (final dates and time to be determined). 
  • December/January 2015:Complete the on-line Peer Mentor Survey. (not paid)

Application Procedure:  

Completed Application and Resume

Please deliver to the IMS office in the LEADS Center (Room 104 in the University Union) or email to

Application Deadline: 

January 17, 2015