PLUS: Graduate

To apply for the Graduate PLUS loan, complete the FAFSA and the Grad PLUS Loan Application. This loan does not involve a parent borrower. A credit check is done immediately, and the student will be given options based on the credit decision. 

At a glance


If approved, you must also complete a Grad PLUS Master Promissory Note (MPN) prior to funds being disbursed. If approved, you can sign the PLUS MPN using your electronic FSA ID.

Grad PLUS loan funds will pay charges on the account. A refund for any excess funds will be deposited into the your account electronically (if direct deposit is set up) or mailed in the form of a check to your address.


If denied, you can seek an endorser or cosigner, appeal the decision, or apply for a private loan.

The Department of Education will send you documents regarding your denied Grad PLUS loan application. These documents will include endorser/cosigner information along with an appeal form.