Federal Work-Study/Student Employment

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program is a federally funded program that assists both undergraduate and graduate students who have financial need with the cost of post-secondary education.  FWS allows students to earn financial funding through a part-time work program.

Learn more about Federal Work-Study (FWS) and Student Wage (SW) employment opportunities.

Tips for finding student employment 

Information for employers hiring FWS student employees

Student Employment Handbook 

Jobs for Jacks

NAU Student Employment assists students in locating a job on or off campus through an online system called Jobs for Jacks. This system allows you to search for jobs, obtain more information about employers, and directly contact potential employers.

To register with Jobs for Jacks:

  • Go to: nau.edu/jobsforjacks  
  • Log in with your university user name and password
  • Create a profile
  • Click "continue"
  • Upload a resume if desired

To view jobs with Jobs for Jacks:

  • Go to nau.edu/jobsforjacks  
  • Log in with your university user name and password
  • Click "jobs"
  • Enter or choose your search criteria

NOTE:  You must have an account with Jobs for Jacks in order to view jobs.