Faculty & Staff Tuition Assistance (EARP)

One of the most valuable benefits the university offers employees is education assistance sponsored by the Arizona Board of Regents. This benefit enables employees and their eligible dependents to take advantage of educational opportunities at a reduced fee at:

  • Northern Arizona University
  • University of Arizona
  • Arizona state University
At a glance
  • NAU employees and their dependents are eligible to receive tuition assistance
  • Complete the EARP to apply for tuition assistance
  • Available to NAU employees and dependents attending any of the three state universities


If the employee works at NAU and the student will be attending NAU, complete the EARP form.

If the employee works at NAU and the student will be attending either Arizona State University or the University of Arizona, complete the paper EARP application and submit it to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

If the employee works at ASU or U of A and the student will be attending NAU, obtain the form from the university where they are employed, and complete and submit to NAU Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. 


The Educational Aid Registration Permit (EARP) are processed about one month prior to the start of the term.  If you have already submitted your form, please check your student LOUIE account for confirmation within this timeframe.

Your EARP will be processed in the order it is received. Please ensure the student is enrolled for the applicable term.  

Visit NAU Human Resources Education Assistance for more information regarding  eligibility, maximum units, fees, and more.

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Things to know

  • Faxed or photocopied paper EARP applications are not accepted.  A paper EARP application must contain an original signature.  
  • Read the Verification of Eligibility for In-State Tuition, Scholarships and Financial Assistance. 
  • To qualify for the EARP tuition waiver, the employee must be benefit-eligible on the first day classes begin.  To check for your benefits eligibility, contact Human Resources at 928-523-2223. 
  • Before submitting the EARP application, the student must be registered for classes.  The EARP will not be processed if the student is not enrolled in classes for the term for which the permit is applied. 
  • A separate EARP application must be submitted for each semester. 
  • An EARP application cannot be accepted after the last day of instruction for the semester or summer session for which the permit is applied. 
  • The Online EARP application may not be used if you are required to submit an EARP Dependent Affidavit. 
  • Affiliates and retirees filling out an EARP for a dependent child will also need to fill out a Dependent Affidavit.
  • NAU's Refund Policy applies to tuition waivers granted under the EARP.  Classes dropped voluntarily after the refund period ends will remain taxable as long as the waiver meets the other criteria for taxation (currently zero percent refund after the fourteenth calendar day for eight to 16 week classes and after the seventh calendar day for three and five week and dynamically dated classes). 
  • Employees who have prepaid tuition before the start of the semester, and later terminate employment before the first day of classes, are responsible for full payment of tuition. 
  • A "legally separated" spouse of a NAU employee does not qualify for the EARP tuition waiver. 
  • An employee will be taxed on the value of the EARP for a spouse or dependent child in a graduate level status. 
  • Graduate students receiving a graduate assistantship appointment are generally accompanied with tuition benefits up to a 75 percent waiver of tuition costs during the fall and/or spring terms.  Graduate Assistants entitled to tuition benefits through the EARP (1-9 units = $25 plus fees) must choose between the two tuition benefits options and inform the Graduate College. Visit Graduate Assistants for more information on this policy. 
  • Please remember you are subject to the enrollment rules at the institution you are attending.

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