Faculty & Staff Tuition Assistance (EARP)

How do NAU faculty and staff save thousands of dollars on tuition every semester? They take advantage of the affordable tuition rates offered to state university employees and their qualifying dependents.

This is a benefit governed by Arizona Board of Regents policy (6-902 and 6-903), so it also applies to Arizona State University and University of Arizona employees and tuition rates! Visit NAU Human Resources for eligibility requirements, maximum credit hours, amounts, and more.

An NAU Educational Aid Registration Permit – or EARP – is required each semester the student is enrolled. It cannot be accepted any later than the 35th day of instruction.

The EARP review process begins at least one month prior to the beginning of each semester. Contact NAU Human Resources in advance if you're unsure about your benefit eligibility, including dependent qualifications.

How the EARP works 

A new form is required every semester:

  • Enroll in at least one class in the applicable semester before submitting an EARP. Not being enrolled will cause delay because if there's no enrollment, there are no charges, so the EARP cannot be processed.
  • Submit your form as soon as possible - even if your class schedule isn’t finalized. We review forms in the order we receive them. Avoid potential late payment fees and lengthy turnaround time.

Priority Dates:

Summer: April 15
Fall: July 1
Winter: Dec. 1
Spring: Dec. 1

NOTE: Any EARP submitted after the priority date is not guaranteed to be posted by the start of classes for the term. The tuition reduction is not posted to the student’s account until 7-10 calendar days prior to the first day of instruction. 

Use the right form:

NAU employee: NAU student  Log in and complete the EARP Online Form if you're an NAU employee and you/your dependent attends NAU. The form will be open during the following dates for each semester:

Summer: April 1-Aug. 31
Fall: June 1-Dec. 31
Winter: Oct. 1-Jan. 31
Spring: Nov. 1-May 31

NAU employee: NAU dependent student  Complete a Dependent Affidavit if your dependent student

  • is not listed in your HR benefits profile
  • has a different last name that yours, or
  • will be 24 years or older during the calendar year when the EARP is used. 

NAU employee: ASU or UofA studentComplete a paper form if you're an NAU employee and you/your dependent attends either ASU or UofA. 

ASU or UofA employee: NAU studentComplete your university's Qualified Tuition Reduction form and submit it to the NAU Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. Be sure to obtain all required signatures before submitting your form.


Important things to know:

  • A hand signature is required on all paper forms. Typed signatures will not be accepted.
  • Standard tuition refund schedule applies. Visit nau.edu/sdas for refund dates and deadlines.
  • NAU tuition scholarships that do not cover full tuition can be combined with this benefit and apply to tuition only.
  • An approved EARP is no longer valid if your employment is terminated before the first day of classes. Full tuition payment would be required.
  • The employee will be taxed if the waiver benefit received is more than the threshold amount of $5,250 during the tax year. An employee will be taxed on the value of the EARP for a spouse or dependent child in a graduate status level.
  • A legally separated spouse of an NAU employee does not qualify.
  • Some graduate level tuition waived is taxed as income. Visit HR Education Assistance for details. 
  • Students receiving a graduate assistantship should contact NAU Human Resources for eligibility and benefit information.