Department Tuition Payment Requests

The Department Tuition Payment Request form is to notify the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid of any award activity where a specific department is directly charged.  This form does not waive any tuition or fees and is filed for each semester to which it is to be applied. 

The deadline to submit is three weeks prior to the first day of instruction of the applicable semester.  Normal processing time is 14 business days.  If the form is not complete, and additional information is needed, this process will be delayed. 

Failure to file a DTPR form by the deadline is considered a waiver of the right to file for the requested term. 

Complete the Department Tuition Payment Request Form

  • The Department Tuition Payment Request (DTPR) form must first be completed by the college/department requesting the tuition payment. PS Financials Chartfield information must accompany any DTPR and a signature of an individual authorized (for example, the PI, or person responsible for managing the grant) to spend the funds for this purpose is required. 
  • The DTPR must be routed to the Graduate College (if applicable), where additional monies may be assigned to the student. 
  • If the tuition will be charged to a sponsored project, then the DTPR must be routed to Post Award Accounting Services and Fiscal Compliance (PAASFC) to determine whether the expense is an allowable charge to the sponsored project. Please consult with PAASFC regarding any exceptions or questions regarding allowable expenses. If the expense is not allowed, the request will be denied, unless alternative PS Financials Chartfield information is provided for funding. The denied DTPR will be returned to the department and contact information will be attached.
  • The DTPR is then routed to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, PO Box 4108, where it will be processed, and the expense transfer completed.  Fees associated with late disbursement due to late receipt or extended processing time can be removed by Student and Departmental Account Services. They can be reached at 928-523-3122 or
  • Funds associated with these requests cover tuition, fees, and insurance only.  Late fees and Campus Health Services charges are not allowable expenses to sponsored project accounts. 
  • If there is no enrollment record for the student at the time the DTPR form is submitted, it will not be processed until enrollment has occurred.  
  • DTPRs that charge sponsored project accounts will be reversed for students who are found by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid to have dropped from enrollment during the term. The student may owe funds back to the university when the reversal is applied.
  • All changes in enrollment must be reported to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid immediately so adjustments can be made to the student's account and to the corresponding expense transfers previously made.  It is the department's responsibility to maintain their student lists and track expenses being paid for by the grant for each student.
  • All information provided on your DTPR must be consistent with those presented on other university official documents and is subject to verification. Inconsistencies will jeopardize your payment request. In addition, you may be subject to disciplinary action, dismissal or suspension from the university, repayment of fraudulently waived tuition, repayment of financial aid. or all of these. 


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