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Founders Blue and Gold Scholarship (WUE)

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Please refer to the Center for International Education website for scholarship information.

Recommended Scholarships
Look into all of your recommended scholarships. These awards have been listed for you based on the information you provided in your General Application and information from your LOUIE account. More information can be found by clicking on the title of the scholarship. You can click the “Apply” button next to each scholarship to complete your application for that award. You may be asked to write another essay, or answer additional questions. Once you’re finished, click “Finish and Submit.” The scholarship will then be listed under your “Active” scholarships.

Don’t see your Applicant Record information when applying to your recommended scholarships? That’s ok! Your Applicant Record information will populate once you have clicked the “Finish and Submit” button.
There will be at least one essay question in your application. We suggest that you type your essay(s) out in a separate word document so that you can save them outside of your application. You can then copy and paste your essay(s) into the text boxes to submit.
All Scholarships
To browse all scholarships, you may click on the “All” tab under “Opportunities” in the menu above and browse additional opportunities. This list shows all scholarships without filtering them based on your individual credentials, so save your valuable time by reading the descriptions carefully before applying. (Automatch scholarships will show up with “None” in the Action column – if you qualify, you’ve already “applied”.)
Need to change your LOUIE information?

If you’ve discovered that any of your LOUE information is incorrect on the “Applicant Record” tab of your application, please contact the department that manages this information to have it changed. Otherwise, you may have the ability to change it yourself on your LOUIE account.

     Incoming Freshmen: Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation
     All others: Office of the Registrar

High school information:
     All students: Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation

ACT/SAT scores:
     All students: Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation

Permanent address:
     All students: Change on your LOUIE