Tips for completing the NAU scholarship application

To get the most out of the NAU Scholarship Application, please follow the tips outlined below:

  • The NAU Scholarship Application is designed to work using Internet Explorer version 8.0.  If you need to download or update your version of IE, please visit: If you are using Firefox or Safari, some of the fields may not populate correctly. If this occurs, please save your application and log back in using Internet Explorer 8.0.
  • Step Five of the application is labeled Attach Documents.  This page allows you to upload resumes, letters of recommendation, or any other document required by a specific scholarship.  This function is for NAU Foundation Scholarships only.  Attaching documents to your scholarship application allows each scholarship committee to access the information for all scholarships for which you apply. 
  • Scholarship applications that require you to leave the NAU Scholarship program (ie go to their website) will not be able to access any document that you upload.  You will need to follow their instructions for uploading any documents as required. 
  • While in the application, if you see any field that is blank or states "not specified", please fill it out completely.  The more complete and accurate the information you provide, the more scholarship opportunities will be available to you. 
  • If, for any reason, you need to update the information you have provided, please log out of the application, close the browser window and then log into the application again.  This will allow the program to re-determine your scholarship eligibility correctly. 
  • If you need technical assistance, contact the Student Technology Center/Help Desk at 928-523-9294 or via email at
  • Log into the NAU Scholarship Application here.  This will take you to the login for all NAU Foundation scholarships administered through the Office of Student Financial Aid.